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Exclusive interview with Joe Cross aka Joe The Juicer



When Joe Cross tipped seven stone overweight and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease (Chronic Urticaria) he made the decision to trade in the junk food and to eat a plant-based diet for 60 days.

Before Joe shared his juicing know-how at a demonstration in Debenhams’ flagship Oxford Street store, he spoke exclusively to the Debenhams blog.

Debenhams blog: Your documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” has now aired here, what kind of response have you had from the UK public in the lead up to and following the show?

Joe Cross: The response is huge. We did over one million people. Big numbers and just super excited to see the response I got on Twitter, on Facebook. The many thousands of new  followers and my servers in New York went down – we had a record day for the number of unique visitors in one day. It was a huge response.

When I first started on the idea of this film was 2006, Youtube was one year old. So in those days it was all about DVD and you needed a studio to help get you distribution and get you out there. I never thought it would be a commercial success.

I thought it was going to live on the video shelves of yoga retreats in Bali or somewhere crazy. I mean the movie is there, but it’s also elsewhere!

The power of the internet and the new distribution models such as LOVEFiLM and Netflix and what they’re doing and how they’re breaking down the old shackles that big media companies had on content is just extraordinary. So it’s never been truer that good content will find an audience.

DB: Did you anticipate the type of global reaction to the show that you’ve had and how have you handled being the poster pin up for juicing?

Joe: I very humble about it. I think that what it does is it gives a platform to communicate a very important message. I take it very seriously but I don’t look at myself as a juice expert.

I look at myself as someone who has taken the time and effort to go to the trouble of thinking about quite complex issues and trying to make them simple and solvable for the average person so that the content I try to create inspires and educates but above all -  entertains.

That’s the real struggle and tough part about what we do at Reboot. We have lots of things we want to tell the world but how do you do it in a fun and interesting way.

DB: Have you found it difficult to maintain that healthy balanced lifestyle since losing the weight?

Joe: It’s not easy to maintain a balanced diet but it is easier.

DB: In your opinion, what are the benefits of using a Sage juicer rather than something a little more traditional?

Joe: There are three types of juicer. What I can a masticating juicer, a press juicer and there’s a centrifugal juicer. All of them do a good job. I’m about what’s the most effective way to get the best juice for you.

DB: What would you say is your favourite juice combination to help you wake up in the morning?

Joe: Watermelon and pineapple ginger straight away. It gives me a lot of energy.

DB: Are there any juice combinations that you think should be avoided?

Joe: I would suggest they you shouldn’t just have fruit juice, all the time. I tend to go for 75% vegetable-based and 25% fruit-based. I want people to get all those colours and harness all that sunlight.

If you don’t like it, don’t put it in! Think of it like you’re making a liquid salad.

DB: What would you say the best thing is that you’ve taken away from this whole experience?

Joe: The incredible response from people, shows me that people don’t want to be told what to do, they want to be shown what to do.

If they want to get something done, it’s about leading by example and doing it yourself and if what you’re doing is right, others will follow.

You really can make a difference; one person can make a difference.

DB: Joe, thank you so much for your time. The very best of luck in the future.

Joe: Thank you very much.

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