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Facebook takeover: Ann Deal, Founder of Fashion Forms


Ann Deal

Need lingerie advice? Lingerie expert and founder of Fashion Forms, Ann Deal, popped into Debenhams this week to help you find the perfect underwear – be it for your body shape, to match a dress or simply in search of some fashion wisdom…

FB: I’m wearing a low cut dress/backless dress to an event but would like some support at the front. What would you suggest is the best type of bra to wear for this?
: I would suggest the go bare bra because it has great support in the front with side wings and an underwire, http://po.st/VhcJNs. Make sure you put perfume on after you put on the go bare bra to get the best fitting – you will then get great support. Have a great time!

FB: There are lots of sheer mesh & cut out side panelled tops and dresses around, which style would you recommend wearing with this type of clothing?
: For this seasons trend I would recommend the body sculpting backless push up bra. This bra has a nice plunge and lot of support as it’s all about the cups. For a cut out top this is great because it’s transparent, so it will enhance your dress or top.

FB: What inspired you to create Fashion Forms?
: The adhesive body bra inspired me because it was a total backless, strapless piece of tape that answers a lot of problems for women who want to wear special occasion dresses that a conventional bra would not work with. This tape gives you great support whether it’s for a prom dress, wedding dress or for any special occasion – this product works so well. After the adhesive bra I put a pad under the bra to make it a strapless alternative, the collection continued to develop over the years and today we have 35 styles that continue to be solutions for women.

FB: I’m a pear shape and size 12 to 14. What type of summer dress would you recommend?
: For a pear shape I would recommend the ultimate boost bra to create more of an hourglass figure, http://po.st/i8U5c6 - you can also get a great boost from the hotsie totsie push up pads.

FB: You’ve had a great career – how did you get where you are today?
: It came from a lot of hard work and I never stopped believing. No is no in my vocabulary! We are celebrating 20 years of Fashion Forms this month!

FB: I have a hard time with strapless looks as a larger breasted woman – what can I do?
: It really depends what size you are, but I would recommend the body sculpting bra as this one goes up to a cup size E. The beauty of this product is that it sculpts your beast, so you can sculpt to whatever dress you are wearing. It will also give you great support – http://po.st/YNmh0E

FB: I am going along to a wedding in June. Which of your products would you recommend for a summer wedding with a silk dress?
:  It really depends on the style of dress, but I would recommend the body sculpting bra because it’s is perfect for giving great shape for a beautiful look. This is also great because it will go perfectly under any colour dress. However if you have a low cut dress I would recommend U plunge bra, it has great support http://po.st/S0JZlq Have a lovely time!

FB: What sort of bra would you recommend wearing with a backless dress?
: I would recommend the body sculpting backless strapless bra as it’s perfect for any size and there’s no back to the bra, just one wire and a lot of support. It is also transparent so you can wear any colour dress with the bra. When you take it off you can wash it gently with soap and water. The silicon then rejuvenates and you can then wear it up to 50 times! http://po.st/H8pEri

Thank you for all the questions, my takeover has now come to an end. Out of all the bras ever made the body sculpting bra is my favourite by far! I would recommend this to any woman ,of any shape or size because it will mould to fit you and  give you the look you desire. It will sculpt you to the dress you are wearing. Lots of love Ann x

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