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Facebook takeover: Ashley Thomas


Ashley Thomas Facebook takeover

Like great designs, tea parties and eating cake? Then we have a treat for you as our new designer Ashley Thomas popped into Debenhams to talk about the launch of her ‘At home with Ashley Thomas’ debut collection. Here’s what she had to say…

FB: Where do you come up with those stunning designs?

Ashley: Everywhere really! It could be from a tiny bit of fabric or a floral design on some vintage china…something sparks an idea and it grows from there. I took a trip to Paris recently and the buildings were pastel shades which inspired me.

FB: Love your products. Have u always been a designer?

Ashley: I have always been into art, when I was younger I used to draw my pet rabbits! I then went to art college and university and just fell in love with surface pattern design because you can work with so many different products.

FB: My partner enjoys making cushions but can never decide on the fabric to use. What advice would you give? …And how many is too many?!

Ashley: You can never make enough cushions! I have about 10 on my sofa and am constantly changing them and turning them around! I go through fazes with fabric…I use linens and cottons so try experimenting! It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work, just try again!

FB: Apart from designing, do you have any other hobbies?

Ashley: I’m into knitting; I like to knit cup cakes! I also love gardening and am growing rhubarb and tomatoes and chilli peppers right now. It’s the first year I have done it so I am learning as I go, it keeps me busy!

FB: I love what your wearing especially your necklace. Does what you wear reflect your home designs?

Ashley: Thank you! Yes I suppose so; I made this necklace from a home decoration. I am influenced by fashions I see in shops which help to confirm trends and patterns I am trying out.

FB: What’s your favourite piece in the range?

Ashley: My favourite piece is the frilly apron because it is cute >> http://bit.ly/PFT9om I also have the chalk board at home and use that everyday >>http://bit.ly/TW6JFd

FB: I’m loving the new range. I’m holding a tea party for the girls next week and wondered if you could recommend any pieces and any tips! Thank you.

Ashley: I recommend this cake stand >> http://bit.ly/TW6JFd I think you should make some brownies to put on it, as they are easy to make, go down very well and are always eaten up! I hope you have a nice tea party!

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