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Facebook Takeover: Bra Fit Q&A


Bra Fit Facebook Takeover

In honour of our ‘Bra Fit’ month here at Debenhams, we took an hour to answer your questions about our brands, bras and boobs!

FB: Can you talk me through the bra fit process? Do I have to take my bra off?
Debenhams: Not at all! Our experienced bra fit experts will totally put you at ease and spend time understanding what it is you’re looking for. You will need to remove your top but keep your bra on. The bra fitter may measure you around you rib cage but some can assess you by eye and by asking you questions about the current size you are wearing. They will then get a selection of bras for you to try on and assess how well they fit you.

FB: I’m a 40 A and I find that this is a difficult size to find, I only found one in M&S and it was lacy, not the T shirt bra I was looking for… Why is this size so difficult to find in a variety of styles.
Debenhams: We have just launched a couple of new t-shirt bras that come in this size with Triumph.

FB: Hi there, how often would you recommend getting fitted?
Debenhams: Ideally every 6 months but we recommend that you have a bra fit whenever your body changes for example pre and post pregnancy and weight gain or loss to make sure you look and feel your best!

FB: I think that model in the photo needs a fitting, because that bra she is wearing clearly doesn’t fit her!!!

Well spotted, we think she could do with having her straps adjusting!
FB: I had a lovely lady help me find a perfect fit bra from Debenhams and she made me feel at ease I will deffo get my next bra from your store in Portsmouth again.
Debenhams: That’s great to hear! We hope this will be a positive experience you will share with your friends.

FB: I have droopy boobs and normally a 44D but how do I get a bra that is stylish and holds me in place?
Debenhams: We have two brands that go up to a 44D that offer a range of smooth and pretty styles. These are Triumph and our new launch today, Elomi. We hope you find something you like!

FB: I went down a whole dress size after being fitted with the correct bra at Debenhams after being measured totally incorrectly at M&S. The Gorgeous range is great & really makes the most of my cleavage! The assistant also gave me lots of advice as I’ve lost a lot of weight & wanted to know how to make sure I make the most of it going forwards.

Debenhams: That’s wonderful news! Our Gorgeous range will be celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary in a few weeks time so keep your eye out for some exciting activity taking place!

FB: No bra fits me since giving birth and returning to normal size, I have one boob a size bigger so i have to either size up or size down, :( depending on the comfort of the bra. It’s so difficult.
Debenhams: We know this can be a difficult problem. We advise that you choose a bra that fits your biggest breast then use a bust enhancer to fill the other cup.

FB: I hate being measured. It’s the most uncomfortable situation I’ve ever been put in. I’d rather give birth again!
Debenhams: We’re sorry to hear that. This shouldn’t be a daunting experience – our bra fitters come in all shapes and sizes and should put you at ease. Our personal shoppers are also all trained to bra fit so perhaps try this service as it could be more enjoyable for you.

FB: Debenhams are really great at helping to fit for these – I always go there to get fitted and buy new ones. Want to ask though, I can never remember, should one that fits clip on the centre fasteners or the end ones?
Debenhams: A bra that fits will clip on the middle one – this can allow for monthly weight fluctuations, and also as the elastic can stretch over time gives you the chance to tighten up.

FB: I got fitted last week in Norwich by a lovely lady who was really helpful. Only problem is, we still cant buy *off the peg* as sizes are different by the makes… I came away with two different sized bras!
Debenhams: I am glad you had a good experience in store! Sizing should be fairly consistent but like shopping for all clothes some brands/retailers can come up slightly different, some brands can suit you better than others. The bra fitters see lots of women in our bras so can be helpful in advising if something comes up a little tight under the bust or a little big in the cup. The team are there to offer advice as well as fit you so for future it is always worth asking them.

FB: I use a 36 C, sometimes D but my problem is that my boobs aren’t huge but wide if you understand what i mean so sometimes the bra gets to big outwards and if I go down to a B cup they are clearly to small as then my boobs jumps out or you can feel the cup doesn’t cup in all of my boob. I know I don’t explain it very well but hopefully you understand me anyway and can advice me n a good bra. I’m all about making them look bigger (lol) and I like to have a good cleavage too….
Debenhams: You are right – you can be the same size as someone but have different shape breasts, it’s a bit like outwear for example you may choose to wear different styles of jeans to suit your shape like bootcut, skinny etc and this is the same for lingerie, different styles of bras suit different people. The bra fit process should be not only be about finding out what size you are but also about what style suits you. It sounds to me like you need a plunge – this pulls the breasts inwards and creates a cleavage. Next time you are in Debenhams talk to one of our advisors about this and they can point you in the right direction.

FB: I hate bra shopping with a passion. I can try on about 8 bras and end up with none. I’m a 32G and struggle to find pretty bras in my size that fit properly.
Debenhams: I am sorry to hear that – we hate shopping for Jeans!!! We have a really big selection of styles in a 32G on-line and in store from brands such as Freya, Fantasie, Gorgeous and Curvy Kate. Again much like my suggestion to Nina it might be worth spending some time with the bra fitter to really explore what sort of shape bra suits your body shape and once you find a brand you like it may be easier to find – we hope you find something you like.

We hope this Q&A managed to answer any questions you might have about bra fitting but, if you do happen to have a question, simply pop in store and have a bra fitting today!

Or, alternatively, pop a comment on this post and we’ll try and help as best we can!

Read all about what our Womenswear Editor discovered when she tried and tested the Debenhams’ bra fitting service.

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