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Facebook takeover: By Caprice



Supermodel Caprice popped in yesterday to tell us all about her lingerie range, By Caprice, taking time out from designing to answer all your questions about the fabulous brand…

FB: Hi Caprice! What’s your secret tip to great fashion? Which clothing styles are you in love with and why?
: My style is eclectic e.g. I’ll wear designer shoes and a bag and coat with high street trousers and blouse. I tend to always mix and match.

FB: What encouraged you to start designing lingerie?
: When I turned 30 I thought, ‘Oh dear, I’d better start thinking about what’s next after modelling!’ At that point I thought about what everyone would buy into – lingerie. Then I called up the CEO of Debenhams and told them I had a brilliant idea – I thought he should thrust millions of pounds and do a licence deal with me and I couldn’t believe at that point he did it! I had a licence deal for 5 years with the gorgeous Debenhams to licence out my name, then I took it over and started distributing to them. I’m really indebted to Debenhams as they gave me my beginnings.

FB: What are you favourite colours and fabrics to use in your ranges and why?
: I love black but my best selling colour is fuchsia. My customer loves bold embroideries and laces; they appreciate the embellishment and the close eye to detail.

FB: Great to see a designer that goes down to a 30 back! Are you going to extend the G cup availability to your entire range?
: Honey it is available! We go to a 30A-30G, we’ve got you covered babes.

FB: Do you have a swimwear range?
: Yes I do. I think it’s because of the TV show I did, Splash, which has left me with one style remaining. We sold out in three weeks but you can still buy online so make sure you check it out.

FB: I love your lingerie range as it’s great that someone is designing pretty underwear for bigger busted ladies. What is your favourite piece in the collection?
: You’ve got to check out Precious Bacio in pink and nude, it also comes in white and black – you will love the fit. It is so comfortable and it’s definitely a far cry from a torpedo bra. It’s a beautiful fit for the E-Gs and one of my best sellers.

Thank you everyone for all your questions, I’ve had a great time speaking to all of you. Don’t forget to check out my new collection! This double booster is new to the collection and has been flying off the shelves – if you need a bit of help on top, this will probably make you look like Dolly Parton… trust me! >>http://bit.ly/159iT6e 

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