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Facebook takeover: Curvy Kate



Curvy Kate ‘Star in a Bra’ winner Sophie popped into Debenhams to talk about winning the competition and becoming a model! Here’s what she had to say…

FB: Hey Sophie! Whats been the best part of winning so far? xxx
Sophie: I’d have to say the best part was meeting all of the other girls who entered the competition! I have also really enjoyed trying on all the lovely underwear and being pampered!

FB: Hello! If someone had told you you’d be a lingerie model this time last year, would you have believed them? xx
Sophie: Absolutely not, it’s something i never thought would happen to me. I have grown a lot in confidence over the last few years and am so glad I entered because it has totally changed my life and the way I view myself. I would recommend it to anyone!

FB: What was your first photo shoot like?
Sophie: Well, I nearly missed my flight and all my trains were delayed so I turned up very stressed and flustered but luckily the team made me feel at ease again and it all went really well.

FB: Hey Sophie! What’s your favourite Curvy Kate set?
Sophie: That has to be the Lottie balcony bra because it’s so pretty but useful for everyday as well!

FB: Also, what make up brands do you use? You’re skin and cheeks always look lovely x
Sophie: I swear by Bobbi Brown! Shimmer brick is amazing for cheeks, I use this palette

FB: Sophie, were you nervous when you entered the comp? xx
Sophie: Yes I was really nervous! I asked my boyfriend to take the photos and we had a giggle which made it really fun and helped a lot! Also I had a really good response from my friends and family which was better than I could have ever expected.

FB: What can be done to educate and help young women going into the confusing minefield of bra sizing and selection, and how do we improve fitting education and knowledge for all ages?
Sophie: I think it is really important for young women to not just to go in to the first store they see and pick the first bra they like. They need to be fitted professionally maybe in numerous different places to make sure they find something that is comfortable and works for them. Also research on bra fitting online can be really valuable and there are lots of blogs which can help with this. I recommend www.fullerfigurefullerbust.com and www.investinyourchest.co.uk

FB: Hi Sophie, How does it feel to be referred to ask a model? Has it sunk in yet?
Sophie: It hasn’t sunk in yet at all! People keep teasing me saying ‘how does it feel now you’re famous!’ which is a bit surreal, but it is all so much fun!

FB: How does it feel to see your face in a catalogue?
Sophie: It is very strange because I found it weird to see myself all made up and at first I didn’t recognise it was me! I’m not normally one to wear a lot of make up but it was fun to get dressed up.

FB: Sophie, what would you say to curvy girls who feel a bit apprehensive about entering the competition?
Sophie: It’s something I never thought I’d do and never dreamt I would win but if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone so I would say don’t even think about it and enter as it can change your life and give you such a confidence boost! My advice would be to have a glass of wine and get your friends to take the photos, make an evening out of it so it doesn’t feel so scary.

FB: Would you recommend Star In A Bra to other people?
Sophie: Yes I would highly recommend it. Even if you’re not the kind of person who would feel comfortable standing around in their bra and pants for others to see, I think it can help you to love your body no matter what size or shape you are.

FB: Hi Sophie! Congratulations on winning the competition :) Have you had any negative/hurtful/rude comments regarding your photos and if you have how have you dealt with them? As a big busted model myself, I’m getting fed up of the rude and disrespectful comments I get now and again xx
Sophie: I have been quite lucky and haven’t had too many however, I did find a forum of men discussing about being annoyed I had won as I was arguably the most flat chested! But going into this kind of thing, you have to be prepared for that to happen and the most important thing is to laugh it off as it really doesn’t matter. People will always have their opinions and some will try and upset you for fun but for every person who says something negative there are a hundred behind them saying something positive.

FB: You’ve obviously received a lot of positive comments through being chosen as Star in a Bra (and very well deserved), but have you had any negative comments and how have you dealt with them?
Sophie: I have had some but I just laugh it off as the general response has been so positive, the nasty bits seem insignificant.

FB: My heroine is Pamela Anderson because at 18 I had the same size as her? Who is your heroine and why?
Sophie: I would say probably Nigella Lawson, people used to say I looked like her when I was younger. She was also one of the first fuller busted women I saw in the media and thought was absolutely beautiful. Also Sophia Loren because I love her style and shape.

FB: Any good tips for sports bras please?
Sophie: I quite like Shock Absorber, just make sure you get a good fitting because it is really important for a sports bra!

FB: Sophie, what do you think will be a highlight of being a Curvy Kate model? x
Sophie: Hi Curvy Kate, Probably meeting the team and all the other girls and making some really great friends. I feel like I’ve really been welcomed into the family and also of course getting to try on all the beautiful Spring/Summer 13 collection!

FB: Hey Sophie! Congrats on your win once again, with the Australian Star In A Bra starting very soon, any tips or advice about promoting yourself to get votes for the Aussie ladies? Thanks ♥
Sophie: I used every form of social media I could think of including facebook, twitter, instagram…everything! I promised my friends I would only post once a day to avoid filling up their news feeds. I also had a blog that I updated with my experiences along the way. This also gave people a chance to find out more about me so they could see more than just the photos.

FB: Do you see yourself doing more modelling in the future? Or was Star in a Bra just a one off thing? xx
Sophie: I am going to just see what happens and if anything comes along that is great, but if not I will be happy too!

My takeover now has to come to an end, thanks for all your questions! If anyone’s is thinking of entering the competition next year, best of luck and I would highly recommend it! Sophie x

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