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Facebook Takeover: Donna & Markus



Donna & Markus is the go-to collection for unique, stylish clothes for young girls. The result of a collaboration between two friends, fashion designer Markus Lupfer and TV presenter and actress Donna Air, the range offers funky motif jumpers and slogan tote bags to make sure your kid’s style goes out with a bang…

The design duo stopped by our head office this week for a facebook takeover. Here’s what we found out about all things fun and fashionable…

FB: What type of boots should I wear this winter? Please don’t say platform…
Donna & Markus: Hi Lelde, we love boots! Black flat is a must-have, a short black biker boot is also a must and you have to have some foxy boots with a heel for parties!

FB: I’m looking for a gift for my niece, can you recommend a piece from your collection?
Donna & Markus: Hi Anna, we think this fluffy monster jumper is very cute! All girls love a bit of sparkle. It’s Donna here – my daughter is 10 and she loves it! >>http://po.st/OgbsFu

FB: What are your favourite trends for AW13?
Donna & Markus:  Hi Chloe, it’s Donna here – I’ve been wearing lots of berry colours and brocades. My must-have is >> http://po.st/cdPYgW

FB: What is your favourite slogan you’ve designed?
Donna & Markus: Hi, Markus here. I do like ‘You Look
Really Good Today’ and ‘Have a Nice Day’. It puts a smile on your face!  Hi, Donna here – ‘I Heart You’, does it for me every time! So sweet.

FB: Hi Donna & Markus! Can you recommend a good present for my 10 year old niece?
Donna & Markus: Hi Kimberly. The ‘I Love You’ t-shirt and bag make a great gift >>http://po.st/E8aVxJ and >> http://po.st/ytp2Iy. We also have some fabulous pyjamas coming in soon, who doesn’t like pyjamas!

FB: I love your designs! Where do you get your inspiration from?
Donna & Markus: Thank you so much, we are really happy you like them. Inspiration comes from all sorts of places like travel, magazines, films and everything we see. We really wanted to have a lot of fun with this collection, especially towards the end of October when things get a little scary. Boo!

When it comes to the style factor, we have to say that Donna & Markus by Markus Lupfer is far from scary. Browse the range today and take a peek-a-boo for yourself.

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