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Facebook takeover: Jeff Banks & Jay Conroy for Pink Pants!


Jeff Banks Pink Pants feature

Here at head office we girls were in for a treat as Jeff Banks and our pink pants hunk, Jay Conroy, popped outside Debenhams this morning to brighten up our day…

Long standing Designer at Debenhams Jeff Banks has designed a pair of pink pants to show his support and raise money for Debenhams’ ‘Think Pink’ breast cancer initiative. Here to answer all your questions, we have all you need to know about Jeff Banks Pink Pants.

FB (Prima magazine)We’re so excited to be working with you on this brilliant initiative and we’ve already had some fantastic entries in from readers for our hunk in trunks competition! A quick question for Jay – what modelling tips would you give to reader hubbys/ brothers/ nephews who are thinking of entering?

Jay: That’s great that we have had some fantastic entries! Make sure that you moisture up your face and put some product into your hair before doing you r entry photograph. If you prefer the shaved look on your head, make sure you moisturise that too! This competition is for anyone with the confidence to enter! I was really shy until Jeff persuaded me to get into modelling!

FB: Why did you decided to create the pink pants?

Jeff: I created the pink pants to raise money for breast cancer charities and to make men more aware of the campaign and to understand how much anguish women go through worrying about breast cancer!

FB: What made you get involved with the fashion targets cancer campaign and design for Debenhams?

Jeff: I was at dinner with Moira Fahey at the Prima Fashion awards and Moira was the editor. The Prima awards raises money for cancer breast charity events and by coincidence Debenhams was starting its Think Pink campaign this year. I said to Moira it was a shame that men weren’t aware of the trauma that breast cancer can create for a whole family and we should do something to increase men’s awareness. While I was walking home I thought of the pink pants idea and phone Michael Sharp, the boss of Debenhams the following morning and asked him what he thought of the idea. Let’s do it was his immediate response and hence the pink pants campaign was born!

FB: For your fashion targets breast cancer range of underwear will there be briefs as well as boxers?

Jeff: No just one style this year, so boxers only. We took this decision as we felt more than one style actually makes the range to big. However next year we are considering extending the range to briefs.

FB: You’ve been in the fashion business a while. Is it harder or easier to find inspiration for new designs?

Jeff: It’s much, much harder because the fashion industry has become so competitive and people are a lot cleverer and more competitive these days, against when I got started. I get my inspiration on Saturdays and Sunday while I’m out riding my bike and make up the themes that are going to comprise the next collection while I’m out cycling. So next year my themes are based around the Americas yacht race and south beach Miami.

FB: Where can i get Jeff’s pink suit from? My girlfriend thinks I would look rather dashing in it…

Jeff: You can get one of my pink suits here >> http://po.st/YcjpTT. Enjoy!

Thank you for all your questions, our takeover has now come to an end! Don’t forget to buy a pair of pink pants for all your dads for father’s day! >> http://po.st/GpIw2i

Remember all profits go to Debenhams’ breast cancer initiative Think Pink!

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