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Facebook takeover: Jenni Falconer



Lost your fitness motivation? With her great XPG range to help you gain it back again – TV presenter, Jenni Falconer, is here to offer workout advice so your summer body arrives on time…  

FB: I’m about to embark on a weight loss journey. What can I do to motivate myself to exercise as much as I can?

Jenni: The best thing for me has always been to set a challenge – so perhaps sign up for a walk or a 5k run. Tell everyone about it so you can’t chicken out! If you decide to raise money for a charity that’s even more of an incentive. Also – you could always buy a couple of new XPG workout pieces to justify the cost to exercise! Good luck!

FB: Could you recommend some warm but breathable running trousers from your range please? Also, I’m trying to get back into running – in your personal opinion do you think it’s better for you to run on a treadmill or outside?

Jenni: It is really cold outside at this time of year! So the temptation is to run on the treadmill (that’s what I do) especially when you can watch TV at the same time. I think that’s ok to do but it’s always better to run outside in the fresh air firstly it’s better for your legs as you are not using the same muscles continuously and without realising you run up and down hills. In saying that, if it is raining, I always opt for the treadmill. In terms of trousers we have quite a few new products in the XPG range with improved material which helps with fit and comfort. Why not try >> http://bit.ly/Y24fcG or if you really need longer trousers for outside try >> http://bit.ly/13nktBY Good luck!

FB: What’s your favourite shop and why?

Jenni: Clearly Debenhams are at the top of my list, they have a fantastic sports department!

FB: How do I train for a 13 mile walk?

Jenni: It’s really important to train so that you don’t sustain an injury on the day itself. It’s a good idea to write up a training plan and build up the distance so it is not too much of a shock when you have to walk 13 miles. More importantly, invest in some good trainers, vaseline your feet and buy comfortable and correct sports clothing. There is nothing worse than a blister or a friction burn. Good luck!

FB: I have a clingy 8 month old who screams/wakes up each time I try to work out and can’t afford a gym membership! I’m exhausted and lost all my motivation. Any advice?

Jenni: I completely understand. for the first ever of my daughters life, I went running with her in the pram. It was the only way I could do any exercise or if she was asleep and my husband was there or Mum was visiting, I would seize the opportunity to go for a run. Walking and running are free, you can do it whenever and wherever. In fact, you don’t actually need a gym membership to get fit – Where I live, some people used to see me running with the pram and dragging the dog at the same time, I was that desperate to get fit!

Thank you all for taking the time to chat with me today! Sounds like a lot of you are really getting fit for summer. Stick with it and good luck in all your sporting challenges. Someone asked me which one item I would recommend everyone to have in their workout wardrobe – I’d suggest this top. It hides all lumps and bumps, really comfortable and flattering, plus available in various colours. I even wear it with shorts in the summer too! >>http://bit.ly/V97twm

Hope to catch up again very soon! Lots of love Jenni x

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