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Facebook takeover: Julian Fuller, menswear head of design



Can’t pick a duffle from a parker? Not sure whether to wear shoes or boots? Then guys – it’s your lucky day as our Menswear Head of Design, Julian Fuller, took over our facebook page for a style session. Here’s one for the men!

FB: I’m finding it really hard to buy clothes for my husband he’s not really in to fashion and isn’t open to any new ideas. Any advice on clothes that aren’t too fashion forward to bring him up to date?
Julian: The best way to start is with the fundamental basics and buying more contemporary versions. For example take a pair of jeans, instead of something heavily washed, or boot cut or loose fit, buy something slimmer, less washed or with a raw dark finish like these >>http://bit.ly/XftlVG

FB: I have become frustrated with men’s clothing being dominated by multicoloured chinos, plimsolls and leather/suede patch shirts. It seems as though every store has jumped on the bandwagon. What would you recommend as an alternative stylish casual look?
Julian: I love jeans and you’ll be hard pushed to get me out of them. Wear them with pride and individuality with some nice burnished brogues like these >>http://bit.ly/SsFena

FB: I want to buy myself a new pair of boots for the winter season. I’m on my feet at work a lot so they need to be durable (I go through shoes quickly). Are there any styles that you would recommend? 
Julian: If this is for work you need a classic brand that will last like these Catapillar Stickshift boots. This style has a full grip rubber soul so they’re comfortable as well as looking the part. >> http://bit.ly/VoHqMJ

FB: I am looking for a new winter jacket that is suitable for smart work attire but also trendy enough to wear on the weekend with casual clothes. Can you help with my predicament?
Julian: For me the obvious choice is an epsom. This can be worn smart with a shirt and tie or dressed down with open collar and jeans. There are loads of options but I really love the contemporary feel of this Jasper silver grey with contrasting velvet collar >> http://bit.ly/PQskCW

FB: I’m trying to update my wardrobe coming in to the cooler months but I’ve always struggled to go out wearing layers that complemented each other. I’ve got a t-shirt & jeans (black & blue) basic style usually worn with brown dress shoes and I’m looking for a range of jumpers and sports jacket/casual dinner jacket styles that work with layering… I’m not a fan of enormous overcoats so having a stylish jumper underneath a jacket which also works with t-shirts/button up shirts would help me out a great deal!
Julian: This layering look is really on trend at the moment so you are in luck! The key is to go with not too many colours , try a mid weight crew neck jumper or cardigan with a tweed blazer. If you keep your shirt design simple this will be really easy to pull together and if it does get cold a simple scarf could add the colour you need as well as the warmth. Why not try this combination?

FB: I’m new to the UK and about to experience my first cold London winter. What are your top three practical & fashionable ‘must-haves’ for a London winter?
Julian: Even in winter we have three seasons in a day. The key for me is always layer up and never throw one big garment on that provides all your protection from the elements. I recommend a good piece of knitwear of medium weight. A cardigan is always good and easy to get on and off like this one >> http://bit.ly/RC0Xci. A mid length warm coat, something that covers your bum and a backpack to hold all the layers of clothing that you don’t need if the sun decided to come out in the middle of December! Try this coat >> http://bit.ly/WIOSHJ and this bag >> http://bit.ly/TG6QnM

FB: As a larger guy (6’2″) with a 38″ waist I find it impossible to buy jeans from Debenhams with a 34″ inside leg as you tend not to do that inside leg above 36″ waist and pland to extend this or am I missing something, other than the less appealing sight of me poured into jeans a size too small?
Julian: You’ll be glad to hear we are about to launch a full range of big and tall. Watch this space and we will keep you posted!


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  • http://www.mnwear.co.uk/ Oliver Parker

    I find most fashion queries revolving around lack of knowledge about the current trends. I would rather insist people to try and identify their own style first. Instead of blindly aping the vacillating fashion trends, it is best to wear something that is comfortable and sassy at the same time!