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Facebook takeover: Kim, Shockabsorber’s ambassador



Looking to start work on your beach body but not sure where to start? Then Kim Ingleby, Shock Absorber’s ambassador, is here to offer workout advice and tell you all about the ultimate sports bra…

FB: Are your bras suitable for a size 36G?
Kim: Yes of course, I would recommend the multi sport support bra >>http://bit.ly/VC2Ffw The structure of a Shock Absorber bra is so much better than a normal bra, you get 38% reduction in bounce from a normal sports bra but from a Shock Absorber bra you get up to 78% reduction.

FB: How long should a sports bra last? I have a couple of Shock Absorber run bras already and they are great!
Kim: We would suggest replacing your sports bra every 6 months. That’s great to hear you like the Shock Absorber run bras; I like them due to the fact that they can help improve your running style by supporting the bust and drawing your shoulders back.

FB: Already have some Shock Absorbers and they’re excellent! However, as mine are a very snug fit, I’m not really if I should go one size bigger?
Kim: I advise you choose the same size as you already wear, however we always recommend booking an appointment to get professionally fitted in store.

FB: I have a very large chest and find most sports bras don’t come in my size. When they do, they aren’t well enough designed to cope with the bounce of most physical sports. What range of sizes do the Shock Absorber bras come in and will they be supportive enough for both my gym workout and zumba classes?
Kim: The multi sports bra would be the best style for you; it comes in the largest range of sizes from a 28A up to a 40HH. We are always looking to develop our product so if this doesn’t fit your size, please let us know.>> http://bit.ly/Zm2C85

FB: Which bra would you recommend for running? I’m a newbie runner – training for the Age UK 10k in March!
Kim: I would recommend the Ultimate run bra. Its support structure is designed to counteract the figure of 8 movement of your breasts while running. >> http://bit.ly/U10UZM

FB: What is the best sports bra for kick boxing?
Kim: The gym bra is best – I box for my own fitness and find this bra allows me to move the best whilst still having support. >> http://bit.ly/VMysKv

FB: I am struggling to find petite fuller bust sports bras for women. Any suggestions for a size 30D and upwards?
Kim: Our new gym bra is available in a 30D upwards. Hope this helps! http://bit.ly/VMysKv

Our takeover has now come to an end – thanks for all your questions. My top tip would be to always wear a Shock Absorber sports bra, no matter what size you are. Also, it’s a great idea to enter a charity event with a friend to help you stick to your fitness New Year’s resolutions.

Kim x

P.S Look out for me and Shock Absorber UK in this week’s Grazia magazine!

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