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Facebook takeover: Nicola Roberts



This week, Nicola Roberts popped into our office to tell us a little bit more about her fabulous make-up range, Dainty Doll, now available at Debenhams. While she was here, Nicole popped onto Facebook to answer a few questions from our facebook fans. Here’s a peek below of what everyone wanted to know…

FB: Do any of the other GA girls wear your dainty doll products?
Nicola: Yes they do, Kimberley loves the wonderbalm and Cheryl is a fan of the lipstick! I am constantly sending them new products whenever I get them in.

FB: What is your fave DD product?
Nicola: My favourite products are the foundations and concealers. We work really hard to get all of the tones right as it is a range particularly for pale skin girls.

FB: Hey Nicola What made you want to become involved in Styled To Rock?
Nicola: I went to meet Rihanna so she could talk me through the concept, I thought it was really exciting and an amazing opportunity to give someone the chance, I’ve loved being a part of it.

FB: I love Dainty Doll as it gives me so much more confidence. Did you ever imagine when you first started that it would become this successful?
Nicola: I always hoped that it would be successful and I’m really happy with what has been achieved.

FB: I am going to a wedding in a few weeks – what shade of lipstick would you recommend that’s in right now?
Nicola: There are some great nudes and pinky nudes in the new collection that are all I am wearing right now. They are really simple and will go with any dress.

FB: What has the feedback been like from other celebrities after they’ve used your Dainty Doll products?
Nicola: We’ve had really good feedback, just this week had feedback from Alexandra Burke and Karen Gillan who are both fans of the range.

FB: Will you ever plan to release the Dainty Doll make-up worldwide?
Nicola: Yes if there was the demand. I’ve had a lot of interest from people in the Far East.

FB: What was the inspiration behind the name?
Nicola: Pale skin looks quite fragile and is fragile, so dainty felt like a great word to describe it and that’s how I came up with Dainty Doll.

FB: I have really blue eyes like you and I always wear eyeliner on the top and bottom, but I want to go for a change. Can you give me some tips how to accentuate them, or something that you do, because your eyes always look really nice?
Nicola: The colour orange brings the blue out in peoples’ eyes. There is an eye shadow in the range called Teach me Tiger that will definitely bring out your blue eyes. Also, go for a brown mascara and eyeliner rather than black.

FB: Would you have a Dainty Doll Christmas edition line, that would be cute.
Nicola: I would love to do that. Maybe this Christmas we could do Dainty Doll gift boxes.

FB: Which colour lipsticks do you suggest for people with fair hair?
Nicola: Any lipstick, it is more about the outfit. If you have a loud outfit, go nude with the lips.

FB: I’m ginger and pale like you. If you were to wear eyeshadow, which colour would you use? I have never worn any before…
Nicola: If you haven’t used it before, maybe start with something light like ‘Treat me like a lady’ which is a nudey silver.

FB: What is your makeup essential for a holiday in the sun?
Nicola: That would be wonderbalm. The foundations also have SPFs and the cream blushers also work well in the sun.

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