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Facebook takeover: Pudsey bear for Children in Need



Pudsey Bear and the Children in Need team popped into the Debenhams’ office to celebrate our new range of gorgeous t-shirts! Read on to see what the Debenhams’ Facebook fans – and friends of Pudsey – wanted to know…

FB: Are there any plans to bring back the pudsey pjs for Kids you had a few years back? My daughter loved hers and has asked me every year since…
Children in Need: Pudsey loved that pyjama set too! We can have a word with our friends at Debenhams to see what we can do.

FB: Hi Pudsey, I love the new t-shirts – where can i get hold of one of these amazing items?
CIN: These t-shirts are available on the Debenhams website and in store! Here is the show your spots t-shirt designed by the Pineapple team.

FB: What is your favourite colour?
CIN: Great question! Pudsey loves all the colours on his bandana, but especially yellow like his fur!

FB: That lady doesn’t look too happy to have Pudsey next to her.
CIN: She’s a little camera shy, but rest assured she’s very excited to be celebrating the Children in Need t-shirts with Pudsey!

FB: Which fruit and vegetables do you like the best and what is your favourite food?
CIN: Pudsey loves all fruits and vegetables as he is a healthy bear, but he particularly likes bananas because they are yellow like his fur!

FB: We always have a special Pudsey night, where my daughter gets to dress up and stay up late – she always add £1 of her pocket money to my donation and we have our own Pudsey party with her Pudsey and Blush.
CIN: Pudsey loves hearing about Pudsey party nights and is so grateful for your support. Why not wear a Pudsey t-shirt to your party this year? Which of these is your favourite design?

FB: Hi Pudsey – a question from Victoria, aged 2: Do you like the colour pink?
CIN: Yes Victoria he does, and some of Pudsey’s spots this year are pink because we all love the colour so much. How many pink spots can you count on John Rocha’s design?
FB: Hi Pusdey, there are four pink spots and four yellow spots – Pudsey’s favourite colour! Our favourite designs are Matthew Williamson’s butterfly and the big air balloon by Jasper Conran.
CIN: Well done – Pudsey is very impressed!

FB: Hello Pudsey, can’t wait to get my hands on the t-shirts!
CIN: Pudsey’s really happy to hear that! Which design is your favourite?
FB: Henry Holland! Really cool designs, well done Pudsey.
CIN: We’re glad you like Henry’s dot to dot design!

FB: After all the years that Children in Need has been running and the millions of pounds raised, why is poor Pudsey still waiting on the eye operation he so blatantly needs?
CIN: There is nothing wrong with Pudsey’s eye, he just likes to wear his bandana because of the cool colours and it suits him!

FB: Love the t-shirts Pudsey! What else are Debenhams doing to support Pudsey Bear this year?
CIN: Debenhams are also fundraising in store over the next few weeks, so please look out for other fun ways to get involved in your local store!

FB: What fantastic t-shirts! Will be buying for all my neices & nephews, especially love the Butterfly!
CIN: Pudsey is so glad you like them, we really like Matthew Williamson’s butterfly design too!

Pudsey has to go home now – thanks to everyone who joined us today and for all your support! To find out more about the BBC Children in Need t-shirt range please click here.


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