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Facebook takeover: Sadie Frost


Sadie Frost

Here at Debenhams we’re huge fans of our Floozie range, boasting beautiful lingerie, nightwear and swimwear designed by none other than Sadie Frost and Jemima French. We know you love it too, so we invited Sadie in for a Facebook takeover on all things beach and beauty… Ready for your summer holidays? You will be now.

FB: Do you like yourself more now than when you were in your 20′s?
SF: There are bits I like more now and that is having a confidence and a kind of wisdom that comes through experience. I do feel happy with the way I look and I know by getting older there are downsides but you have to feel good in your own skin, you have no choice really so it’s best to feel as good as you can!

FB: What is your advice for larger women to look good in swimwear?
I think all shapes and sizes can look good in swimwear, you have to relish in your curves and know that you can look beautiful. It is all about confidence. I know now for sure that men prefer bigger women. This blue floral frill bandeau bikini can really flatter larger figures.

FB: What are your 5 top beauty tips for a busy mum?
SF: I always carry around papaw ointment, it’s great for lips and I smooth it over my eyebrows, highlight my cheekbones and rub it on my elbows and knees if their dry! It’s also healing if one of the kids get hurt, so this is a must! I also cleanse, moisturise and tone before I leave the house and then have a little flirt with my mascara, ensuring to keep it natural. Yes this is as simple as it gets for me, being a busy mum with little time!
FB: Thanks Sadie!! Seems ALL busy mums face the same problems…

FB: What has been your favourite role you’ve acted?
SF: I am really enjoying doing theatre right now. I am doing a one women show which is incredibly liberating. What’s so rewarding about theatre is the feedback you get from the audience and how you can change your performance every evening. 

FB: I have thin limbs, a straight up and down wide torso and carry the most weight at the mid section. I am a petite size however my figure is uneven all the same. Which style would balance my frame?
SF: It seems you have a similar problem to me. I have slim legs and arms but a bit of a tummy. I would always opt for a tankini style. Why not try the Coral spot tankini?
FB: Very nice. On my way to town so will be stopping in to try it on. Thank you.

FB: What do you use to keep your hair smooth and ‘in place’? I have a similar cut and it can get quite flyaway sometimes. Thank you.
SF: My hair is very difficult, it’s half straight, half curly so I have to wash it every day if I want it to look nice and then I have to blow dry it properly. So to stop the frizz I’ll use a moose, blow dry it with a round brush and then set it in velcro curlers for 10 minutes and spray. I know it sounds like I’m an old granny but this way insures my hair will stay in place and look good all day long! 

FB: I am attending a wedding in August and not really sure what to wear. I am a typical pear shape and don’t like knee length clothing – please help!!!
SF: I think a really beautiful halterneck dress with a low back will look lovely. Maybe in lace so it hangs beautifully and not figure hugging, this way you accentuate your shoulders, neck and back and the area you’re trying not to accentuate will not be so prominent.

FB: Hi Sadie, do you have any tips on the terrible threes and how to manage your time being a busy mum? Many thanks.
SF: Being a mother is stressful but incredibly rewarding as well. I always try to keep calm and not shout, take some deep breaths and maybe even walk around the block if someone else was home. I try to get up a little bit earlier than the kids so I am ahead of myself and not rushing all day because if you try to take the rush out of it things become more enjoyable, but it is important to find some time for yourself so if a family member can help then that’s great because ultimately you will be happier.

FB: Hi Sadie, I’ve not had a dress since the 70′s, I am in my late fifties and can’t seem to find one to suit.
SF: Have you checked out Betty Jackson’s range at Debenhams? I just bought my mum a beautiful dress! This purple linen blend shirt dress is lovely.

FB: Just on the off chance I can ask a second question, you’ve always been a very glam ‘it’ girl – what items do you have in your make up bag that you love?
SF: I have some mascara and a compact, all quite simple really though if I feel like being a vamp I’ll splash on some red lipstick!

That’s all we had time for on Facebook, but if you still need a Floozie fashion fix, shop the range.

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