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Facebook takeover: Sharon, Head of Lingerie



Are you wearing the right bra? Sharon, our Head of Lingerie, is here to answer all our questions on how important finding the right bra size is, how to get properly fitted and what lingerie we should be wearing…

FB: Do you offer any non-wired bras?
Sharon: We do offer quite a wide range of non-wired or wire free bras – please check them out here http://bit.ly/11H78jX. I hope you find some styles that you like.

FB: I vote for the non-wired bras as they offer great shape! I also like the lacy bras without underwire that I wear which feel good and look good.
Sharon: If you like a lacy non-wired bra, try Playtex or Triumph as they both have a pretty selection in their range.

FB: I have a problem – most stores never seem to get my size right. So I went to a specialised store in Australia which gave me the correct size and I found that with international brands I am a 36GG. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the right fit at Debenhams which is shame as there is always great offer in your lingerie department.
Sharon: Bra sizes can be really complicated but you can flex between sizes by going up or down on the back size and cup size and they can fit the same – this is quite hard to explain but I’ll try. For example a 38G is the same as a 36GG in the cup, but will just feel a little firmer around the body. Some brands don’t stock a FF cup and so their G cup would be the same as our FF. Therefore the 40F would be the same as our 38FF (or their 38G). The best thing to do, knowing what you do know about the brands you have tried, is to have another fit in store and give them your feedback on how the style feels. A bra fit should always be a two-way experience with the fitter guiding you, but ultimately you need to be happy with the fit.

FB: Do you stock ranges for cup size 38FF? Also, how much are Sloggi briefs at present?
Sharon: We have a plenty of lovely styles in a 38FF. All designs in our Gorgeous range, as well as Fantasie and Freya, offer great styles in that size. If they are not available in your local store there’s lots of choice online, so please feel free to have a look here - http://bit.ly/14ddTQ1

With reference to Sloggi, we follow the RRP as implemented by the brand, however they are currently on offer -http://bit.ly/Y6QP2W

FB: I’m a 40E and have always had an ample bosom, but as I’m getting older I find the balcony bras I have always worn aren’t giving me the support needed. However, I find full cup bras come too high up the bust and show under most of my clothes because I wear a lot of v necks – what would you recommend Sharon?
Sharon: As I have mentioned before part of the bra fitting experience is about finding the right style that suit your shape and offers you support, it’s not just getting the right size. As an E cup you’re lucky to have quite a bit of choice of brands, I would suggest that you try brands specifically designed for a fuller bust as they will tend to offer you more support and will make your décolletage look great under your v-neck tops.

FB: I always want to buy beautiful underwear but never feel confident enough to buy. Does sexy underwear actually give you confidence and how do I overcome my fear of buying really nice underwear?
Sharon: Great fitting lingerie will give you confidence, as it’s important to have the right size on to make your outfit look better. If you feel uncomfortable, I suggest making a free appointment with our personal shoppers – who are also bra fit trained. They will have plenty of time to spend with you, suggest styles that would suit you and will most definitely make sure you leave feeling fabulous.

My takeover has now come to an end. Thank you for all your questions and feedback we are always happy to answer any queries on lingerie. If you are really unsure about your size, it’s always best to make an appointment to meet one of our bra fitters who are always happy to help. Sharon x

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