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Remember that trend... bodysuits

Yes, we know you probably wore them the first time round, but that's certainly no reason to miss out on fashion's latest love, the bodysuit. The last time I wore one was in the nineties, back then the bodysuit was a wardrobe staple. Now it's crept back into the fashion consciousness and while some complain, others are strutting their stuff and looking sup[...]

Leggings, jeggings and treggings explained

Leggings, jeggings and treggings, this season it’s been all about the ‘ings’. But with all these fashion terms being thrown around, do you know the difference? To make things easier we’ve demystified each style and given you an idea on how to wear them. Leggings are tight fitting styles that are typically made from a blend of lycra, spandex, nylon, co[...]