There couldn’t be a better time to uncover your ideal capsule wardrobe for Autumn/Winter and we know a few people who could help…

Our personal shopper service is available in stores across the country where our style gurus are on hand to offer friendly advice and outfit suggestions with no obligation to buy. Members of the Debenhams Design team recently shared with us their personal shopper stories and here are some of our favourites…

June says…

“Assuming personal shoppers were something for the rich and famous I’d always put it off, however I decided to give it a go and have not looked back.  As soon as I arrived I was treated so well, I was offered a drink, a magazine and a lovely big changing area with cooling fans for such a hot day.  I instantly felt relaxed whilst my personal shopper zoomed off to collect clothes for me to attend 2 hen parties and my own Birthday party.

The things she chose were definitly not things I would have chosen although with a little coaxing and willingness to open my mind I tried them on and took them all.  I feel the best part is when you are wearing them and receiving really nice comments.  I almost didn’t want to confess to my secret!  Its a great experience and one I wish to repeat again SOON.  It’s also cost effective as it stops me buying things I will only wear once and put to the back of my wardrobe.”

Liz says…

“I didn’t think a personal shopper would be my thing but I got it as a gift with a £200 gift card so it would have been rude not to take advantage!  I had a fab time, felt really pampered and my personal shopper was so good.  She knew my size just by looking at me and was able to immediately tell what I would look good in.  And blimey she was right, the outfits I got were from Coast, they looked and felt amazing – and still do.

So ok, I spent more than the £200 I had been given!  But I don’t regret a penny.  Having had the experience, I then knew what styles would look good on me and can apply that knowledge to all my shopping.  Go for it if you get the chance!”

Sarah in her new outfit

Sarah looking fabulous in one of her new outfits

Sarah says…

“I used the Personal Shopper service at the Oxford Street branch. I am a 5′ size 16 woman who finds it very hard to pick clothes that not only fit but look half decent! My husband booked it as my 30th birthday present so we went along, not feeling too hopeful that someone else would be able to find stuff that I couldn’t.

I was so surprised at the outcome. The advisor sat me down and talked to me about my likes and dislikes and immediately started giving me advice on the types and colours of clothes I should go for. i.e. she advised me that I should go for bright vibrant colours as I have such pale skin, she said pastel colours would drain any colour I had left out of my face. She was so right!

She went into the store while I stayed in the private dressing area with my tea and biscuits and brought up a rail full of clothes. I must admit when I first saw them I thought ‘Not in a million years would I wear that.’ I decided though to be brave and just try everything on, what could it hurt? I found I was liking a lot of the clothes that I would never have even picked off the rails as they were too short, too bright, too revealing etc.

There was no pressure to buy at all, we just divided up the clothes into what I liked and disliked. I bought most of the ‘like’ rail and have a staple wardrobe which will last through a few different seasons. It was such an amazing day and I had a beautiful outfit to wear that evening to dinner and the theatre. ”

Barbara says…

“A couple of years ago I was invited to a charity black tie event at the Cafe Royale in London, I was invited two days before the event! I panicked about what I was giong to wear and a friend in work suggested that I try the personal shopper service in Debenhams. I went straight to the Preston store and although I turned up without an appointment I was told that they would be able to help me in half an hour.

The ladies in the personal shopper department were absolutely marvellous. I have had a severe skin condition all my life and although it’s much better now I have lots of scars. The scars are particularly evident on my arms, yet I felt completely comfortable telling the ladies that I didn’t like showing my arms and why. All the outfits they brought me were appropraite for the event, but also appropriate to what I had told them about my arms.

I ended up with a lovely dress, shoes, jewellery and evening bag. I enjoyed the event very much and also had a few compliments on the night about my whole outfit.”

Have you used our personal shopper service? Feel free to comment below to share your story.

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