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Fiona Kennedy’s H! photoshoot diary



When Henry Holland launched a search for faces to put on print to be featured in his H! collection, I’m sure he wasn’t expecting to find a new model for the range but that’s exactly what he did find.

Fiona Kennedy, a photographer (check out her pics here) and musician, caught his eye and here she tells us about her day modelling for H! by Henry Holland swimwear…

“Now usually, one of the things I get up to is photography, so I’m well acquainted with being behind the camera. But for one day, I took a walk on the wild side and ventured in front of the lens to embrace the bikinis, rock the one-pieces and dabble with floral prints to be the new face of Henry Holland’s summer collection.

The day began early; I headed over to the Debenhams HQ, was whisked down to the studio and then greeted by the lovely people who would be styling each look for the day. I was expecting some sort of scene out of The Devil Wears Prada but, thankfully, there was nothing of the sort. I immediately felt at ease.

The first items we shot were little pin-up style dresses. The thing is, I never wear dresses. I’m quite comfortable in my skinny jeans and scruffy shirts so this was quite a new concept for me. I felt like a real girl for once – and I loved it. The dresses were perfect for summer. Very light, airy, playful and a real gem to have over a bikini for when you want to frolic around at the beach in something that doesn’t bare all but would still get those heads turning.

For the first shoot I’ll admit, I did get my Tyra Banks on behind backs and practice some poses in the mirror before emerging from the dressing room but luckily I was given some great direction from the start. Without it, I’m sure I’d have been awkwardly smiling in front of the camera like some sort of spur-of-the moment tourist shot taken in front of Niagara Falls.

Fiona modelling shoot

After a couple of hours I had let my hair down, relaxed and got in to the swing of things and throughout the day came a whirlwind of Henry Holland creations. More dresses, bikinis, one-pieces, accessories, shorts – you name it. We also tried out Henry’s waistcoats over a few bikinis for press shots– my particular favourite being the little leather number. A sure fire way to create more of an edge and perfect for the festival season.

I’m a huge fan of accessories, and I immediately fell in love with Henry’s gold double dice necklace and the trilby hats in the range. I was slightly apprehensive of the floral bikini paired with the braced shorts on the hanger but once I had the ensemble on it shot up in my must-have list for this summer. A bold splash of floral twinned with the denim shorts was a very good move.

The day flew by and to round it up – I came, I posed, and I think I conquered, all 5’4 of me representing Henry Holland’s master pieces and what a blast I had. So get yourselves down to Debenhams, take a peek at the collection and kit yourself out to look gorgeous in the sun with Henry’s new gear.”

What a day! You can see Fiona’s photos online at debenhams.com

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