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Fit for sports…



So ladies and gents, all of a sudden it’s cool to be sporty…Now I know we’ve had 7 years to prepare but who else just wasn’t ready for the (slightly sickeningly) gorgeous sight of the stars of this years sporting summer? They’re all so, for want of a better word, fit!

Finely tuned fitness machines that have perfected their talent and are enjoying huge success because of it…

Jealous? Us? Of course.

But also in total awe!

Fashion and lifestyle trends often take their inspiration from current events and popular culture (think the Mad Men effect, a general white trouser resurgence around Wimbledon season and the mighty character tee’s comeback every time a new superhero movie hits the big screen).

2012’s sports-fest is no different.

Men’s trends are renowned for their subtlety by comparison to women’s, but this time gents there’s nothing understated about it. Especially not with Tom (body of a God) Daley, et al, on the scene.

The sport’s wear trend has been simmering (in the form of men’s accessories) for a while now and ‘Changeable’ weather tends to mean that practical men’s casual wear comes into its own. Retro trainers crept in at the start of the season, swiftly followed by whispers of the return of baseball caps for AW12 (eek)!

Baseball caps aside, thanks to the likes of GB’s sporting greats, men’s sport inspired casual wear is now looking stronger than it has in a long time.

We are also offering official London 2012 men’s clothing from the the Adidas London 2012 and London 2012 collections. Below from left to right: Blue fine stripe polo shirt from Adidas London 2012, White ‘Team GB’ Print T-Shirtfrom London 2012, Navy ‘Team GB’ Polo Shirt from London 2012 and Red ‘Team GB’ T-Shirt from Adidas London.

Polo shirts, rugby tops, sports tees and leisure wear are becoming hugely popular casual wear for all ages.

With top athletes dominating the media coverage for the entire summer it doesn’t feel right to be buttoned down in a shirt or squeezed into denim just now – Especially with so many of us brimming with inspiration, dusting off those trainers and hitting the gym in search of our own hidden sporting talent!

You don’t have to look far for this trend as it has begun a full assault on our men’s new arrivals but our favourite pieces feature strong colours, smart structures and quintessentially British styling. See our header image at the top of the page for case in point. From left to right: Wine appliqued box striped rugby shirt from Maine New England, Navy appliqued badge rugby shirt from St. George by Duffer and Dark blue fine striped hoodie from Nike.

Gold medals might be out of reach but you can certainly take action and look the part*.

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*Athlete’s physique not included (sorry guys).

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