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From slouchy to skinny… It’s all in the jeans


This season jeans are a fashion talking point. Should guys wear skinny jeans? Do girls actually look good in ‘Boyfriend jeans’? So, while the topic of conversation is sooo in vogue and September is the time to embrace new season trends, I thought it would be an ideal time to jump on the cross-gender jeans debate and share my thoughts.

My rule: Anyone can wear anything as long as you get the right size and you wear it with confidence…

Get comfy in the latest boyfriend denim styles.

Get comfy in the latest boyfriend denim styles.

How best to wear… the Boyfriend Jean trend

The Boyfriend style refers to loose fitted or baggy jeans that are a bit longer than they should be, hence makes them look like you’ve borrowed them from your boyfriend. The most fashionable way to wear them is turned up or in fashion-speak ‘cuffed’. The jeans should be rolled up twice – anymore and it looks wrong and bulky. Celebs such as Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston and Rachel Bilson are hot on the heels of this trend and have been recently papped wearing this 80’s inspired look. Boyfriend jeans are great for a cool casual look especially when teamed with ballet flats. Girls, just remember to glamorise baggy and slouchy jeans with statement accessories or  even a pair of heels or shoe boots.

Give some more fitted denim a try.

Give some more fitted denim a try.

Skinny jeans… a guy thing, or not?

Skinny jeans aren’t just for women. No, skinny jeans have caught on with celebrity men too. Worn originally by Indie rockers, the look is now a firm favourite with celebrities including the Jonas Brothers, Zac Efron, Johnny Depp, Razorlight and Russell Brand who have all been seen sporting skinny jeans for men. The look has even caught on in the office too. For a smarter option team with a shirt and skinny tie, or a graphic tee for a more casual appeal.

If you dare wear skinnies then just follow our simple rules to skinny success…

1) Choose the right size skinny jeans. It’s important to feel comfortable in a pair of skinnies so try on as many as possible.

2) Opt for slimmer shoes when wearing skinny jeans to keep the silhouette sleek and perfectly polished.

3) Remember skinny jeans doesn’t mean SKIN TIGHT – you need some room to move.

4) It’s simple… If you feel good, you’ll look good.

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    The boyfriend jeans look so comfortable and casual, a must have for the spring and summer