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Gossard Glossies are back!


Gossard Glossies

Ever heard of Gossard Glossies? If I showed you the picture of Sophie Anderton’s campaign shot wearing the Gossard undies while lounging in the grass it might just jog your memory. The Glossies range was much-loved and a best seller in its day and Gossard have just relaunched the iconic range – hurrah!

The new model, Elle Liberachi, and images are just as striking, simply take a look above. The shots have been inspired by the original campaign and show the sleek, sheer lingerie off to perfection.

We’d like to know what you think about Glossies. Did you used to be a big fan? Are you glad they’ve returned? Will you be stocking up? Or have you never tried them?

Gossard Glossies are currently available exclusively online and in the Debenhams Trafford store.

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  • Antonia

    I cannot express just how excited I am about the relaunch! Glossies were the most comfortable, smooth and sensual bras that have ever been on the market. They look and feel absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to get a new one to replace the one that I’ve had for about 15 years!

  • Alison

    I’m SO excited! Yippeee! I’ve been begging Gossard to bring these back for years and years! I’ve just lost 4 stone and can now get into the two Glossies that I’ve managed to keep, but they are a bit bedraggled now. I can’t wait to try the new ones – are they still doing the front fastening ones?? >

  • Rachel

    I agree with my sis (above) Yaaayyy! I used to love these bras, but mine gave up the ghost many years ago. I could never understand why they stopped making them – they are timeless. Great news. I will DEFINITELY be buying some!

  • Rachel

    Great! My size is out of stock already! Come on Gossard – you can see how popular these bras are – make some more!! And while you’re at it – make some bras in natural as well.

    Please :-)

    Thank you x

  • silvia

    I mostly liked the sahara Glossies sheer Front fastening bra and brief. Please, please, offer them again!!

  • Laura

    I ´d buy a few front closed sheer bras in Color “nude” again.
    It was so great. Please, please make them again !!!!!

  • Laura

    …and a brief, not a string !

  • bernd

    The greatest and best bra I`d ever seen and touched.
    Great stuff. More of them, they are realy the best !!

  • betsy

    I was a big fan of these years ago and am soooooo pleased that they are back. I in Northern Ireland an would like to think that these wonderful inventions will make it across the ocean to our stores preferably starting with my home store in Rushmere, Craigavon…..

  • Vicky

    OMG I have dreamed of this moment. I LOVED the glossies bra and I tried to get them made again the last time was about 3 years ago, but never heard anything back. I guess all of you who did the same have been listened to, so well done to me and you. Front fastening underwired nude or black for me please.