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Happy Birthday London Fashion Week


It’s a tough life for the glitterati at London Fashion Week. Parties, champagne, oh, and a few more parties. Our fashion Insider gives us an insight into the glamorous world of the fashion elite…

I love a good birthday bash, what a great excuse to put on some fabulous heels, a party dress and slap on the lippy, actually those are all daily occurrences for me; who needs a birthday as an excuse?!  Got straight off a plane at Heathrow and jumped into a cab (a black ambulance as I now call them, they are always coming to my rescue) and hopped straight over to Somerset House for the first show of the day. Our jolly looking Mayor Boris was there looking slightly dishevelled and incredibly blonde, am wondering if he is using some sort of special shampoo or has he had high lights?  I was asked recently how I would ‘make over’ Boris.  I replied ‘take him to Savile Row and die his hair brown’, was just kidding about the brown hair bit.

Stephen Jones had a little show with models with some great new milliners which was a lovely way to start our fashion weekend. The sun was shining and there were no hangovers in sight, still plenty of time for that. Next day it was up early and off to see Mark Fast, a younger generation designer who is all about body con. He used size 14 models in his show who looked beautiful but they were far from average, they had delicate model faces and were almost six feet tall but they had wider hips, big chests and fatter thighs, talk about a storm in a tea cup, they looked fabulous in Fast’s skin tight body con.

The body con style can be flattering on any shape.

The body con style can be flattering on any shape.

There’s a lot of clashing of texture and colour at London Fashion Week, the designers are loving mixing print and texture on one dress and I’m looking forward to wearing it next spring, it’s sort of like a new tribal trend.  All the super models are in town this week. I miss them for a whole season and always feel as if I’m greeting old friends when I see them again for the start of the new season at NYC fashion week. So back to London, the designers are loving making the girls hair all super messy, there were more side plaits which adds an edge to the otherwise London Fashion Week uniform; short, sexy, sharp and sassy.  Bring it on I say!

Scottish designer Graeme Black had taken over a huge industrial store on Conduit Street that looked to me as if it were under construction. Incense gave the room a smell of an ancient church whilst bird song was pumped through a speaker system; spooky! The collection was ultra lady or rather lady does tribal.  There were cute little jackets worn with longer skirts and lots of chunky jewellery piled up the delicate arms of the models. I adored the little animal brooches of butterflies and other insects. I’m thinking about putting an order in for the red dress that was shown near the end.

Stack chunky bangles all the way up your arm.

Stack chunky bangles all the way up your arm.

Over at Louise Goldin the collection looked good enough to eat as the models wore the colours of the season; lilac, lemon and rose. Goldin’s highly embellished show shoes were the best I saw in London, they had spikes going down the back of the heel which made them look as if they could be used in self defence should a girl need to.

Richard Nicoll looked like he had been inspired by rosettes as the dresses were looked like delicately shredded ribbon. Duck egg blues faded to grey and pink proving that even London’s edgiest designers can do lady.  Mulberry showed their collection at Claridges (my spiritual home) with a sort of fair ground theme. Two pugs opened the show, they wore little checked overcoats and didn’t look a bit scared, in fact, they looked like they really enjoyed being paraded around in front of the world’s press and photographers.

Later on that evening, Mulberry kept their decorations up in Claridges and used the space to have a huge party! Yours truly hit the dance floor within seconds, well not before trying to do lucky dip the duck with a stick in order to win an oversized Mulberry bag. Didn’t win but probably have enough bags to last this and several lifetimes anyway.

They all went mad for the mini skirt.

They all went mad for the mini skirt.

Julien MacDonald was my favourite show of the week, he loves to power dress his women.  The opening look was a white jacket with strong shoulders worn with a super duper mini skirt.  The shoes were sexy open toed with straps going right up the ankle, ladies we will be desperate for them next spring, mark my words. Was mildly hungover at Julien thanks to the Campari cocktails at Mulberry the night before so kept my Rayban’s on whilst sat front row, nothing a glass of champagne back at Claridges later on at the Paul Smith show couldn’t fix.

Burberry showed on the last night of the last day of London Fashion Week and what a way to end my week!  The collection summed up all the trends; short, sexy Macs came out one after the other in shades of sweet girl pastels.  Super high, tough strappy shoes worn with ankle socks hardened up the look. The front row was worthy of any Milan or Paris show, I loved it.

Celebrate the return of the mac with detail like pleats.

Celebrate the return of the mac with details like pleats.

Later on and just around the corner at the Burberry HQ the gorgeous Alexa Chung and now black haired Aggy were spinning the wheels of steel. Champagne flowed and I danced with Emma Watson who wore a bright shiny gold Burberry dress.  At 11pm it was home time, there’s Milan and Paris still to go.  Speaking of which, I must catch my flight. Ciao!

Love from

The Fashion Insider xxx

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