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Have a happy St Patrick’s Day


Irish rugby shirts

Growing up in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day was always a big event and not just because we got a day off school! Up early and off to church with shamrock pinned to our tops – everyone wears shamrock – then back home where Mum & Dad would cook a big breakfast, nothing unusual about that but the potato cakes definitely tasted more Irish on Patrick’s Day!

After breakfast, rain or shine, it was off to the parade. When I say rain or shine I mean rain or rain because as Irish person will tell you – it always rains on Patrick’s Day! Well it does in Cork anyway!

As you get older the parade begins to lose its appeal so Paddy’s Day becomes more about catching up on some rest and maybe watching the Dublin parade on TV and going for a few pints in the evening. For a few years Mum used to give me and my brother a ‘Paddy’s Pot’ which was usually €20 to have a few drinks on her.

Since I left Ireland and observe Patrick’s Day as an outsider it’s very different. First of all I have to go to work – what’s that all about?! Still I’ll probably pop in for a pint of the black stuff on the way home on Thursday and will keep an eye out for the Irish horses running at Cheltenham. One thing about being Irish and living abroad is that you’re definitely never lonely but on St. Patricks Day I’ll always think of home.

Thursday will see a lot of first, second and third generation Irish donning their Irish rugby shirts to celebrate but I’ll be saving mine for the big game this weekend when Ireland play England… come on Ireland!

Happy St. Patrick’s!

Did you know we have an Irish website too? Visit www.debenhams.ie if you are based in the Republic of Ireland.

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