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Highlights from our bra fitting Q&A


Live bra fit on Oxford Street

You may remember us talking about our live bra fits in store windows. Well here are some photos of us in action in the window and on Oxford Street in London. If our model can get into her bra on one of the busiest shopping streets in London we’re pretty sure that being fitted in the comfort and privacy of one of our changing rooms will be a breeze. You’ll walk out feeling just as confident as the girls braving the store windows in front of shoppers and passers-by.

To help raise awareness of the importance of getting a bra fit, our head of lingerie buying and design, Sharon Webb, answered your questions on Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of the highlights…

I have used this service many times and always found the ladies to be helpful and discreet :) it really wasn’t embarrassing at all. the consultants then bring you lots of bras to choose from, they leave you to try them on and once on, come back to check for them being a good fit, it is done discreetly ;)
Great feedback! Lovely to hear you have had great service!

What age is it advisable to start being measured? I have a developing ‘tween’!
As soon as you think it is the right time for them to wear a bra. We do advise anyone under 16 to come with a parent or guardian however

How do we get to know whether our bra is tight enough? Its hard to judge personally! :$
You should always buy your bra fitting on the second hook and eye to allow for monthly fluctuations. To ensure it’s not too tight, you should be able to run two fingers underneath the back strap.

With regards to lingerie, I have a couple of fairly shortish thin cotton dresses – do people still wear underskirts? Would I be best off buying a waist slip or a full slip?
Yes people definitely wear slips still and we have a new half and full slip coming soon as part of our invisibles collection. We have also seen an increase in sales of nude underwear which is perfect under white and I would highly recommend our invisible knickers which come in a variety of shapes – from a thong to a bigger knicker.

Despite being measured I find underwires uncomfy and by the end of the day they are annoying me on the wires near your under arms not the inside bit! Been like that for years and always fiddling!!! Is it the make of bras or is there an alternative to underwires that gives the same support? Thanks xxx
All underwire bras are constructed with a small amount of room for the wire to move within the wire casing to allow for movement throughout the day to avoid rubbing. However, some people just feel more comfortable in a non-wire bra. We have a wide selection on non-wired bras available from a AA to a H cup.

Bra fitting service

After a very merry Christmas I’m hitting the gym again and need a better sports bra. I’ve seen a great selection in Debenhams but what should I look for when on my search? x
Depending on what sport you are doing, depends on the level of support you should expect from your sports bra. To test whether your bra is offering you enough support, I would encourage you to do the ‘bounce’ test (jump up and down wearing it!). If you don’t feel secure, your bra is not doing the right job! A good fitting sports bra should feel quite firm, will prob have higher coverage to contain your bust and may have slightly wider or padded straps for extra comfort.

Any chance of the tummy control pants being in a smaller size please? Smallest I can find is 10 x
They tend to come in S, M, L, XL in which a S is an 8-10. However, our Debenhams own brand comes in a size 8.

I did get myself measured around 3 months ago now from a leading rival retailer to you and went on to buy some bras from yourselves. But find them to be a little bit tight. Do sizes vary from shop to shop?
Choosing a bra brands is similar to picking out a pair of jeans – you can sometimes find differences between retailers which is why it is important to be fitted regularly.

When is the best time to get fitted for a new bra after finishing breast feeding?
Once your milk dries up, your bust will establish itself, possibly a different size to pre-pregnancy which is why it’s important to get yourself fitted properly afterwards.

Is this service available in all Debenhams stores, I have broad shoulders but struggle to find a good fitting bra.
Yes we have professional fitting consultants in all of our Debenhams stores!

I have trouble finding a bra with no underwire, no padding and no irritating seams for post-surgery… and that doesn’t cost the earth and actually have in stock in the store! Do such bras exist?
You are not alone. We have been working with a group of ladies on a range of post-surgery bras to ensure we offer the best fit. This has been a lengthy process but is very important to get it right. We will be selling these bras in line with the prices of our other ranges when they do go in store. We will keep you posted!

We hope this advice has helped, and remember if you need help at any time you can always email us at asktheexpert@debenhams.com Your question might even be chosen to be featured here on the blog.

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  • Ellie

    i’m 12 and i want a bra fitting, is it ok to come on my own?