This season, at Debenhams, we’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit by creating a little winter wonderland of our own…

To make Christmas feel that extra bit more seasonal, the team at Head Office decided to hold a competition for the ‘Most Festive’ bank of desks. There were reindeer, glitter, stockings, a jolly Santa who handed out our ‘Secret Santa’ presents, lots of ‘snow’ and even a fake fireplace generated by a screen monitor – when we do Christmas, we do it with style.

Though, obviously, the penguins that we, the editorial team, made (see above) were clear winners, we were defeated by the Merchandising team who dressed as angels – little devils!

We have to admit, however, that we did enjoy their chocolates bribes when it came to judging. Looking at the chocolates we still have left to go through, at this rate, we’ll be popping our trouser buttons long before the Xmas turkey arrives.

Merry Christmas!

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