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How to greet fellow hat-wearers at Ascot


Hats for the races

When I was in Debenhams Oxford Street yesterday (as I often am on my lunch break) I noticed that one of the busiest parts of the store was the hats and fascinators section.

With women off to Ascot this weekend, hats are back in the spotlight. But what about the social hazards of wearing a huge hat. How should you greet your fellow hat-wearers without someone being poked in the eye by an over generous hat brim?

With the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga pushing the limits with increasingly large and detailed headwear, ‘hat hazards’ are on the up.

I spoke to Carie in our press office who said: “Some hat designers are taking the phrase “eye catching” in too literal a sense. Without the proper technique, kissing in a hat can swiftly transform a wonderful social gathering into a mad hatter’s tea party.”

Hats for the races
We’ve teamed up with etiquette expert Debretts to compile a simple formula to help avoid Hat Hazards during the summer social season. All women need to remember to guarantee successful social greetings is ‘HATS’:

H – hat on the left hand side

A – approach with right cheek

T – tilt the head at 45 degrees away from the target and kiss

S – stay in position till clear

Traditionally hats would be worn tilted to the left and fascinators should be worn on the left side of the head. This means that two women can approach a kiss right-cheek-to-right-cheek and rest assured that brims, quills and feathers are safely on the outside of the embrace.

Since hats and fascinators will already be positioned at an average 45 degrees on the head, adding a further 45 degree tilt of the head will create ample room to successfully achieve the cheek-to-cheek target.

Lastly, by maintaining the position of the head while pulling back from the kiss, women will ensure they clear the brim victoriously.

Debenhams Ascot Hat code will be available to all customers who use the personal shopper service.

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