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How to make the perfect pancake…



Households all over the UK will be flipping traditional pancakes in celebration of Shrove Tuesday tomorrow (8th March), but is your attempt more ‘lumpy batter and floor splatter’ than the effortless perfect pancake.

Well good news… scientists think they’ve discovered the mathematical secrets behind the perfect pancake.

The perfect pancake formula

The formula for the perfect mix is 100 – [10L - 7F + C(k - C) + T(m - T)]/(S – E), and was developed by scientist Dr Ruth Fairclough, who lectures in Maths at the University of Wolverhampton.

Dr Ruth explains: “L represents the number of lumps in the batter and C equals its consistency. F stands for the flipping score, k is the ideal consistency and T is the temperature of the pan. The perfect pan temperature is represented by m, S is the time the batter stands before cooking and E is the time the cooked pancake stands before being eaten – the closer to 100 the result is, the better the pancake.”

So to simplify the science… the golden rules seem to be to have a good frying pan at 377 degrees, have zero lumps in the mixture, and leave the batter to stand for 30 minutes before cooking, making sure the pancakes are eaten straight away. They won’t last long in my house anyway!

According to the results of a Debenhams survey, 86% of households will be enjoying pancakes, yet only 14% of those surveyed are confident they know how to make, cook and flip the traditional Shrove Tuesday dessert.

Favourite pancake fillings

The survey also found that the most popular type of pancake filling is still the traditional lemon and sugar combo. Do you agree? Why not tell us your favourite pancake filling below or share your recipes in a comment…

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