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Introducing Debenhams new /Edition designer, Abigail Ahern



Introducing EDITION – the designer concept that brings contemporary designers to the high street, showcasing between two and four designers at any one time. EDITION aims to establish a constantly evolving ‘hot bed’ of creative talent.

Renowned designer Abigail Ahern is the latest star turn to join the Debenhams /Edition collective.

At the launch of her new range, Abigail spoke exclusively to the Debenhams Blog about her hopes and aims.

Abigail said: “I am passionate about creating interiors that are a little bit edgy but also tongue in cheek so this range personifies exactly what I love,  it feels and looks really sophisticated but at the same time it has that point of levity and irreverence to make you smile the minute you walk in the door.

“It’s [the range] very glamorous and it’s also very eclectic. it’s really twisting tradition on its proverbial ear. there’s a lot of classic items but I’ve ramped it up a bit to make it feel a bit more modern.”

With all the fantastic items that will be on offer later in the year what is her favourite?

Abigail added: “I’m excited about the lamps. I love lamps. I’m obsessed with the hare lamp. They look so luxurious and at such good price points.”

But all this work didn’t just happen, so when did she undertake putting the collection together?

Abigail continued: “I started last August – so virtually a year in having the concept of doing this collection and then a good three months of signing it off and seeing exactly what I wanted and putting it into production.

“I love what I see. It’s a strong, 30-piece range and the hardest thing for me as a designer was to let go. I have my own store but working with Debenhams and having to do this massive collection in a short space of time was challenging but I love everything from the art to the cushions. I love it.”

And before we let Abigail go, we had to ask…what is she most looking forward to?

Abigail concluded: “I can’t quite get my head around being able to see it in the shop. And the fact it’s going into 100 stores and being styled in my vibe with really dark moods.

“The biggest joy for me will be queuing outside Oxford Street to see it in September.”

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  • http://www.colourliving.co.uk/blog tina @ colourliving

    Oy, Abigail, will queue with you… might bring a picnic, weather allowing!