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Introducing Debenhams new /Edition designer, Vicki Elizabeth



Introducing EDITION – the designer concept that brings contemporary designers to the high street, showcasing between two and four designers at any one time. EDITION aims to establish a constantly evolving ‘hot bed’ of creative talent.

It’s been a busy few years for the former Chelsea College of Art and Design student Vicki Elizabeth. We spoke to the latest addition to the Debenhams / Edition collective and asked for her initial impressions of the range.

Vicki said: “It’s the first time I’ve seen it all together and the first time I’ve seen the brochure too. With all the photographs and the layout, it looks really beautiful and I’m really excited.”

What was the concept behind the collection?

Vicki added: “The idea was the whole collection is a mis-match of prints but once you start putting them together you can create an eclectic mix which is quite quirky and kitsch.

“Hopefully when you put them all together you can see that. it will work with different styles and different people. some people may like the cushion one with the scary cat face or the one with the stripes.

“It’s quite granny-chic, i’m hoping!”

What was the inspiration?

Vicki said: “It’s certainly nature inspired and rich in colour with bold geometrics and stripes and spots. You’ve got your butterflies and birds and then a few cats dotted in there.

“My favourite is the scary cat face. That was a drawing I did a while ago and have always loved it.

“I studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design and did textiles there. For my final piece I did a ‘catavan’ which was a 1960s Cheltenham caravan which I bought and filled with cat prints. So I had flooring and ceilings, upholstery and cushions and dressers – everything you could think of with the cat print of which there were about 40.

“So I’ve always had that cat obsession.”

Aside from felines, how does this opportunity fit it with her career so far?

Vicki added: “It’s a massive step which I’m really excited about. It’s nice being able to be part of a team and help produce product you’ve always wanted to produce but have never had the money, not had the time or not be able to physically make four bedspreads and to make them affordable which is really exciting as well.”

And finally, what is she most excited about?

Vicki concluded: “Seeing it on the shelves but getting to be able to start from scratch, do some drawing, show them and them work with a team in a way I wouldn’t normally as I usually work by myself and to see it come alive.

“And to be able to know that lots of people own some of it which is really exciting.”

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