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Introducing our new mummy blogger


Julie, senior babywear buyerHi, I’m Jules and I’m a mum. My part time role at Debenhams is as a senior babywear buyer and the rest of the time my job is to be mum to my daughter Chloe who is 16 months old and growing fast!

In a monthly blog post I’ll be talking about my experiences with my little one as she grows up and, of course, I buy lots of essentials from Debenhams so I’m here to help if you need inspiration. Feel free to comment or send any questions to asktheexpert@debenhams.com and we’ll do our best to cover your kidswear queries here on my blog posts.

For my first post I thought I’d give you my top 5 buys of the season so far…

Bluezoo bibs1. Chloe is teething again this week so thank goodness for Bluezoo bibs as it means that I don’t have to change her top every hour due to all the dribble – anything to save on the ever-growing  pile of washing is a blessing, plus the bibs are so pretty they enhance her outfits rather than spoil them.

2. We decided to give Chloe a naming day rather than a traditional church christening but I was concerned what to dress her in other than a traditional christening gown. I found a great dress from J by Jasper Conran which was perfect for the day, and I found a nice women’s dress in J by Jasper Conran too – matching mum and baby!

J by Jasper Conran baby blanket3. My sister has just had a baby and is suffering from the never-ending lack of sleep. I gave her a blanket I had from J by Jasper Conran essentials and she was pleased as it kept him nice and snugly that he started sleeping so well at lunch she was able to start having a nap herself too giving herself a well earned rest.

4. Chloe has started nursery now and whilst she loves all the arts and crafts they get to do, I don’t love trying to get the stains out of her clothes. I’ve stopped putting her in pretty, expensive clothes now and am grateful for the Bluezoo legging packs and t shirt packs as they are perfect for a day in nursery.

Jelly Kitten comforter toy5. My friends from home have started having babies now and it’s been really easy to buy them lovely newborn gifts such as a blanket or lovely sleepsuits. Plus at Debenhams we offer a great selection of Jelly Kitten comforter toys which are a great present for Chloe to give her new friends.

Fellow mums (and dads), feel free to introduce yourselves in the comments below. let’s get chatting…

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  • Lisa

    My son is now 2 and a half but he still takes his jelly kitten comforter toy to bed with him. We hardly go anywhere without it!

    I am also a big fan of the J by Jasper Conran clothes. Very trendy and something for every occasion.

  • Ben

    Hi Jules, I’m a dad to Holly who seems about the same age as your little one. I want to buy her a present but being a dad shopping does not come naturally! I am thinking something trendy to wear that her mum would also think is cool?! Look forward to hearing your thoughts… Ben

  • Jules

    Hi Ben, Thanks for your comments! I think that you should take a look at our Baker Baby range as this is lovely product or take a look at Jasper Conran as this is great for every little girl. Keep an eye out for our Autumn Winter launch of party dresses too as there are some great ones in there from Julian Macdonald to John Rocha. Happy shopping! Jules