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It’s never too early to go ‘Back to School’…



It may just be the start of the summer holidays, but it never hurts to do your homework early. Take them back to school via a trip to Debenhams and they’ll kick off the new term in style, right at the top of the class.

With everything from school clothes, school trousers and school shirts to school shoes, bags and other accessories, all their essential term-time needs can be met with our fabulous schoolwear range.

What’s more – what you see isn’t necessarily what you get, with many hidden benefits to be discovered within the range…

Non Iron & Permanent Pleats

Thanks to a non-iron finish, our school shirts are ready-to-wear straight from the washing machine – once dry, of course. Pleats are also perfect, permanently fixed into skirts and pinafores.

Anti Bobble

If you find bobbles a bother, you’ll be happy to hear that a special yarn in our knitwear keeps jumpers & cardigans smooth and smart for longer.

Adjustable Waists & Secured Hems

Kids can grow at an alarming rate, making buying for the school year ahead a somewhat daunting task financially. Thanks to hidden elastic in our trousers, skirts and shorts, essential school items have an extended lifespan, providing months of comfort. Do you worry about the hemlines of your ‘active’ child? Our special heat sealed finish on trousers will see them stay put, even when children do anything but.

Stain Resistant/Easy to Wash

You can’t watch them all day long – although you probably wish you could during art class. Don’t worry about the mess – a protective finish on our trousers, skirts and pinafores repels stains for washing-made-easy. All of our school clothes are designed to be machine washable, fit for the tumble dryer.

Big and Tall, Short or Small

Whether your child is short, tall, big or small, our school wear range is designed to fit them all – with an extensive range of fits available.

Not sure what size you’re looking for? Grab a tape measure and use our easy-to-follow size guide to find the best fit possible.

How to measure your child guide

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