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Jasper Conran answers customer questions on Twitter


Exciting times at Debenhams Towers recently! Jasper Conran came, he saw and he tweeted, hijacking @DebenhamsRetail for an hour on Wednesday 28th April to promote West End Home Week.

We don’t relinquish control of our Twitter feed for just anyone, but we were more than happy for one of our  Designers at Debenhams to take the reins and answer your burning questions!

Jasper before his Twitter Takeover

Just in case you missed it, we’ve put together a selection of the best questions from the lunch time takeover:

Q: How do we make the most of the space in a small kitchen?
JC: You hang everything, your spoons, your pots, your pans! Make them a feature, that’s what I do!

Q (1): Who’s style do you admire the most Jasper?
JC: Who’s style do I admire? Living or dead?
Q (2): One of each please :-)
JC: 20th Century furniture designer, Eileen Gray and the divine flame haired model, Karen Elson

Q: How do you dress for your changing shape in pregnancy?
JC: I would say it’s all about jersey, buy clothes that expand with you!

Q: What are your favourite accesories for the coming season?
JC: I love the nude coloured sexy shoes that we’ve done. Before you ask I have absolutely no idea what the style number is!

Q: Hi Jasper! What homeware trends do you think we’ll be seeing in the next 12 months?
JC: For the bed I’m seeing lots of colour, lots of texture all layered on neutrals

Q: What’s your favourite cocktail?
JC: Make mine a Vodka Martini, extra dry with a silver skin

Q: how do I make a long kitchen with two distinct areas work? At the moment it looks like two rooms!
JC: Try displaying your crockery on a dresser, or hang good looking utensils along the walls, for a sense of the eat-in kitchen

Q: Hello Jasper, will you be designing any more costumes or sets for ballet/opera/theatre?
JC: Yes I most certainly will. It’s something I very much enjoy

Q: Hello, Jasper! What are your top tips for making your home unique?
JC: My top tip is to go with your own instinct as to what you like, no matter what it is!

Q: Dear Jasper, out of everything you’ve designed, what piece do you hold most dear?
JC: Probably the wedding dress I designed for the Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones

Q: Do you think we should see more hats in collections? Especially day hats?
JC: I actually think hats are a very fine thing, if you like wearing them

Jasper Conran Homeware

Q: What’s the best way to update your home and give it a fresh new look?
JC: Think of your favourite colour and paint your favourite room in it. I don’t advise black however!

Q: Which era do you think had the best interiors style?
JC: personally am very partial to 18th century American Colonial style mixed with a bit of Shaker

Q: What item for the home should we invest in, even if we’re on a budget?
JC: Never scrimp on your saucepans

Q: Any tips on kids fashion for next season?
JC: Pieces for play, day and parties with the party dresses being a particular favourite.

Q: Which home accessories do you think are essential, or could you not live without?
JC: Good candle sticks and fresh flowers

Q: Do you have any advice for someone interested in fashion design
JC: Yes apply to go to London College of Fashion

Q (1): What’s your most treasured possession?
JC: My dogs, if that counts!
Q (2): It counts! What kind of dogs are they?
JC: They are Tibetan terriers, although sometimes they are ASBO dogs!

Q: Any fashion tips for brides this season- what’s the big trend?
JC: Yes, as the bride always make yourself look recognisable as you, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable…does this make sense?
JC: Guests, please remember it’s not polite to compete with the bride!
JC: I think that the dress should be simple and flattering and put the detail into the accessories

Q: Who inspires you? What’s the biggest inspiration in your work?
JC: In fashion it’s Chanel, Madame Vionnet and Balenciaga

Q: Which is your favourite city in the whole wide world?
JC: It has to be Rome

If you couldn’t log-on during the Twitter Takeover but you have a question you’d love Jasper to answer, leave a comment here and we’ll do our best to get Jasper’s reply. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for future online events, and if you’d love to know more about what Jasper’s up to, have a gander at his website and Twitter feed!

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