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Jeff Banks Q&A on Facebook: Jeff’s answers


Jeff Banks at Debenhams Bath

Jeff Banks recently took over our Facebook page to share his style knowledge with all our male customers (and girls keen to give the man in their life some style advice).

He popped along in the afternoon to ask your burning style questions: black or brown shoes with jeans? What winter knitwear did he recommend? And what shoes would Jeff pick to match a cream suit for a wedding in LA? There were some brilliant questions and some excellent responses.

So thank you everyone who got involved! We love having our experts and designers share their knowledge with you and we love seeing you ask questions and grilling our experts. Read on to find out what burning questions the guys in our community wanted to ask Jeff Banks:

Q. Is wearing all one colour or different shades of one colour not good?
A. There’s nothing wrong with wearing all one colour/shades of one colour at all!

Q. If I were to buy just one men’s item of clothing, what would you say is really key at the moment?
A. I think the one item a gent should have in his wardrobe this season is a cire nylon padded jacket from Moncler.

Q. I have quite large thighs, so 32″ waist jeans are tight however 34″ waist is too baggy… can you suggest a type/style of jean fit that would fit well?
A. In Diesel they have loose cut, 7 for all man kind straight cut, and AX loose cut would be good. I’d say team with a Savoy v-neck jumper from my Debenhams collection:

Q. Will suit turn-ups ever return?!!
A. In 2011 suit turn-ups are going to come back big time, I have just made a narrow leg suit with 3 inch turn ups.

Q. Is “chunky knitwear” a good way to look good and keep warm this winter? And if so, what patterns/colours would you suggest? (if not, what would you suggest as I don’t have many warm clothes for the cold).
A. Chunky knits are a fantastic move for winter. Lots of variety, warm and stylish. Go for shawl collars and vintage fair isle knits or snowflake designs. Another choice is the wide cut asymetrical cardigan with big stitches, which I like.

Q. What is the “LBD” for men must have?
A. The Little Black Suit of course.

Q. How do you feel about onesy’s for adults? I love mine.
A. Onesie, love it. I live in mine.

Q. I’ve been told that brown leather shoes and black suit is a no-no, but I think it looks quite good.
A. Brown leather shoes with black trousers are definitely a no-no in my book I’m afraid!

Q. Then what Should be the colour of the trouser if you wear a brown leather shoes
A. Any colour of navy blue or grey with brown shoe.

Q. I’m wearing a cream suit to a wedding in October in LA – what colour shoes would you recommend I wear?
A. To go with your cream suit, I would say brown suede slip-ons with no socks, and if you’re feeling very adventurous, dark red suede deck shoes.

Q. Hi, can I wear a leather jacket with my leather pants or shall I wear a different material? Is too much leather a bad thing?
A. Unless you want to look like you are riding a motorbike, I’d advise sticking to trousers of a different material…and you’re very welcome.

Q. Are cardigans trendy or girly? All my mates wear them but I can’t quite bring myself to do so.
A. Cardigans are a hot item and girls love them because they bring out your school boy charm. I’d say definitely go for it.

Q. I need a new winter coat but all of the styles I have tried on just don’t work well with thick jumpers.
A. Go for a naval pea coat jacket – double breasted in dark blue or black, as this seasons look is carried by most retailers. Think Marlon Brando!

Q. I have quite a small (but perfectly formed) head, is there a particular style of top I should go for?
A. A slim, tight hoody which can be worn under a leather jacket with the hood out or under a suit jacket.

Q. A few friends and I were chatting the other day about what colour shoes to wear with jeans (this applies to men only by the way, we all agreed women can get away with any shoes for any denim). A few of my friends seemed to think it that black shoes were the way to go. I have to disagree, and personally think brown shoes are a much better match for most denim. Would you be able to clear this up for us please? Black, brown or would it be dependent on the rest of the outfit?
A. It depends on the rest of the outfit but with denim shoes should be on the heavy side and not light weight, in particular a dark brown suede boot are very good and also a biker boot.

Q. One of my friends is very self conscious about his height. Are there any styles he can wear to make him appear taller?
A. There is a new trend for jackets to be shorter with narrow trousers which were called bum freezers in the 60s…great to emphasize the height.

Q. I have a short business trip coming up and can only take hand luggage on the plane – what are the essentials you would pack?
A. When I travel to New York I have a one-suit-strategy with a Jeff Banks travel suit and I take a clean shirt, pair of underpants and socks for each day. I have also put together a Jeff Banks travel grooming kit that is easy to get through customs, as the items are all 50mls.

The answers from another Facebook Q&A session will be on the blog shortly, this time for the ladies, with Caryn Franklin!

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