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Jennifer Aniston’s kettle bell workout


Kettle bells

I’ve often wondered how Jennifer Aniston keeps her figure looking so trim and toned. Previous reports suggested she was a yoga bunny but she has another secret…

Regular readers of Look Magazine will have noticed a feature in their 11 Jan issue that claims Jennifer Aniston’s svelte figure is down to training with kettle bells. Just 15 minutes a day is said to help keep her arms toned and her tummy flat. Look’s editor Ali Hall is a convert too and says it’s perfect for women as the short workout doesn’t make you too muscley, just more toned.

We were so impressed with this information in the office that some of the girls have gone over to Debenhams to buy some. We also sell kettle bells online, so you can easily give this celebrity fitness plan a try too.

What exactly are kettle bells?

A cast iron bell with thick handle for secure grip to perform squats, pulls, overhead throws and rotational training to develop strength, power, endurance and balance.

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