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Joe Cross | An introduction to rebooting


Joe Cross Drinking Juice

What’s a reboot?

It’s a period of time where you commit  to drinking and  eating  fruits and vegetables in order  to regain  or sustain your vitality, lose  weight and  kick- start healthy  habits  that recharge your body and  get  your diet back  in alignment for optimal wellness.

The 3-day Reboot Quickstart  is a plan that involves drinking only juice for three days. You will find juicing plus eating  plans and longer Reboot plans at www.RebootwithJoe.com/plans

Why reboot?

A Reboot is the  perfect way to power  up your system with fresh,  clean, plant-based energy. When  you juice, your system is flooded with an abun- dance of vitamins, minerals  and  phytonutrients—plant compounds that help  your body stay strong,  look beautiful  and  fight disease.

A 3-day reboot will help you…

•    Reset your system to crave healthy  foods
•    Jump start weight loss
•    Boost  your immune system
•    Promote beautiful,  clear  skin
•    Promote detoxification
•    Ease  digestion

Who can reboot?

Rebooting is for almost  everyone with a few exceptions. Please don’t attempt  a Reboot if you are pregnant or nursing,  under 18 or have a severe medical condition. Check  with your doctor, if you are unsure. If you are currently  on medication, ask your doctor before starting  this or any diet program.

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  • Michelle Olley

    I am starting this tomorrow. I was utterly gripped by Joes Film. with a Long term condition of my own this seems a great way to tackle it head on and get my life back!