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June’s entertainment picks – Father’s Day Special



Shopping for your dad’s Father’s Day gift is a bit like choosing a scarf for a giraffe; tricky. That’s why most years I opt for a selection of films, albums and DVD box sets to show my appreciation to good ol’ Kenneth Jenkin Williams, or Jenks as he’s known at home.

There are a few approaches you can take when choosing entertainment for dad, recently I’ve been buying him films, music and box sets that I actually enjoy! I have his bushy eyebrows so chances are I have his taste, that’s my thinking at least.

This year I think I have chosen well.

One of my favourite albums at the moment is It’s Frightening by White Rabbits. Like so many of the best bands at the moment seem to be, White Rabbits are based in Brooklyn, and they make cool rhythmic indie-pop. Anyone who likes a tune and guitar-based music will enjoy this and I think Jenks will love it.

The film I have chosen this year is destined to become a classic. A modern masterpiece from France, A Prophet is a gritty and intelligent prison drama that those with an interest in cinema will love. If subtitles aren’t your thing may I suggest the recent adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, a terrific film about fathers and sons, perfect for Father’s Day.

And to complete Papa’s trio of gifts;  something every dad will love. Brian Cox is an ex-member of D-REAM and currently working on the Hadron Collider project. In his spare time he presents the fantastic BBC series Wonders of the Solar System. Full of breathtaking photography and a plethora of facts and scientific insight, Wonders of the Solar System is a must-have for every curious mind.

So they’re my choices for Father’s Day gifts this year, however the secret with entertainment gifts in my opinion is to choose something you like that you think they will too, not something you think they’ll like just because they’re a dad, find the perfect entertainment gift for your dad here.

Happy Father’s Day Jenks!


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