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Just Jhoom! dances into Debenhams…



Just Jhoom! means Just Dance! and draws on a range of dance styles from classical Indian to Bhangra with dashes of hip-hop, jive and jazz – it is energetic, loads of fun and very tongue-in-cheek!

Debenhams ThinkPink! And Just Jhoom!

On Sunday our instructors will be performing at Ilford, Harrow and Hounslow Debenhams! If you are at any of the 3 stores do come in for some Jhooming fun, raising money for Think Pink – all in aid of Breast Cancer Research.

Here at Debenhams, we managed to round up some information from Shalini Bhalla about Just Jhoom! This is what she had to say…

Tell me about Just Jhoom! e.g: How did the ‘movement’ come about? What exactly does it involve?

I used to teach bollywood dancing in the village inSurreywhere I lived – and always wanted to go on a Bollywood training course for teachers – but couldn’t find one. Also, whilst studying for an MA in South Asian Dance I became interested in the fitness aspect of dance and began to look into how Bollywood could be adapted as a fun and safe way to get fit. Through extensive research into this area, I discovered that the standard of Bollywood classes was varied, largely because there was no one body to govern Bollywood fitness and dance courses and no course to help people to become accredited teachers. I seized the opportunity to fill the gap in the market and, working in collaboration with consultants in fitness, training and yoga, created the Just Jhoom! Fitness Certification Course which we launched in May 2010.

How did the collaboration with Debenhams happen?

On May 27th I went up to Newcastle take part in the world’s first Jhoomathon – to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The Jhoomathon had been organised by Jayne Nixon our Just Jhoom! Instructor in Newcastle and the breakthrough rep Susan Mackellar. Coincidentally, the Jhoomathon fell on our 2nd birthday! The Jhoomathon was a huge success – and was talked about at a subsequent meeting between Breakthrough and Debenhams – and we were invited in to talk to Kate Thomas from Debenhams to see if we could be involved in anyway – and needless to say we jumped at the chance to be involved with such a worthy cause as Think Pink!

What have you been up to with Debenhams so far throughout this campaign?

To start the campaign we ran 3 Just Jhoom! Masterclasses with staff from Debenhams HQ on Fri 5th Oct at Pineapple Studios – and raised just over £700. On Sat 6th, our performance group performed all afternoon at the Oxford Street store. And then a week later one of our instructors did taster sessions at the Leeds call centre. On Friday 19th we Jhoomed with over 30 regional managers at Southampton Debenhams. We’ve had instructors conduct Just Jhoom! sessions at Debenhams stores in Inverness, Ilford, Harrow and Hounslow – and in this last week we have sessions coming up inManchester, Milton Keynes, Carmarthen,Guildford, and Torquay.

Have you been involved with Pineapple before?

No this was the first time – and it was very exciting to be there!

What else is in the future? How can people get involved with Just Jhoom!?

We would love to this again with Debenhams next year if possible. We’d like to have more instructors to go into more stores – and perhaps organise flashmobs at the bigger stores in the big cities.

If anyone sees you in store this weekend – what can they expect?

Instructors doing Just Jhoom! demos – and also encouraging people to dance with them – as well as donate to ThinkPink!

Join our instructors at 11am-12:30pm in Ilford & Hounslow, 2pm-4pm in Harrow.

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