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Landmann barbecue WINNER… soon to be announced



After the dreadful disappointment that was the World Cup (from an England point of view only of course – well done South Africa) at least one thing has been successful this summer – our barbecue competition garnered hundreds and hundreds of recipes, tips and advice. Most of them were mouth watering, a lot were funny and well written and some were… well each to their own I suppose!

We’ll be announcing the winner this lunch time right here on the blog but we thought we’d give you a taste of some of  entries before that.

Simple – Don’t stand in the path of the wind…BBQ are nice although smelling like a BBQ is not so nice! Louise Weatherstone

I like to make garlic mushrooms on the barbecue. Just chop the mushrooms and garlic, add a dab of butter and put in a foil parcel. A couple of minutes on the barbecue and they’re done. Yum! Jan Lloyd

1. Invite friends round
2. get a nice big glass of wine
3. relax on a sun lounger
4.  let the man cook!!
Emma Clay

My best tip would be to hire a chef…..- Eleanor Byrne

Because the standard was so high we’ll be sharing more of your fantastic tips and recipes across the summer so even if you haven’t won this Landmann barbecue you’ll have loads of new recipes to try out!

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