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Legs 11 shades and counting with coloured jeans…



Coloured trousers and coloured jeans are no longer the reserve of young skinny model types – in fact, you can’t move on the High Street right now for all the rainbow coloured pins of us mere mortals!

Naturally as the days get longer and warmer (wistful pause for thought) the annual revelry at leaving tones of grey behind us, if only for a short while, will see us embracing this trend whole-heartedly. Until then get ahead of the game and swot up on what works and why…

Add height! Coloured trousers and coloured jeans can have a shortening effect (fine if you’re blessed with lovely long limbs but not ideal for the rest of us). Add a heel and you’ll counteract this in an instant. You’ll also be ticking off another seasonal trend – ladylike footwear, in the form of heels, is hot for SS12.

Shape alert! Coloured trousers and coloured jeans will add curve and accentuate your shape so finding the perfect fit is an absolute must. Too small and you risk the dreaded muffin top, too big and you’re going to visibly sag – sorry but there’s no nice way of putting it. However, spend 5 minutes with the tape measure and get it right and you’re going to look absolutely amazing!

Top it off! You have two options here; either decide to make your coloured jeans or coloured trousers the focal point and opt for a fairly simple top in a muted tonal or monochrome shade OR bag the colour block and clash trend with a vibrant top half to rival your bottoms.

Thankfully this trend can be adopted in many guises, from crops to ankle grazers, skinnies to chinos; whether you’re a skinny mini or a curvy cutie you can make this look your own.
As a general rule of fashion thumb, the darker the shade the more slimming, and the brighter or lighter the shade the more curve enhancing.
Some of our favourite coloured jeans below (from left to right – Bright Green Skinny Fit Jeans from J by Jasper Conran, Mustard Coloured Skinny Jeans from Principles by Ben de Lisi, Pink Stretch Twill Jeans from H! by Henry Holland).

The biggest must-have for the coloured jeans and coloured trousers trend is confidence. It’s no good wearing them half-heartedly and hunched as you’ll only find yourself cursing the day you bought them and counting down the hours until you can take them off!

Instead, be bold, be bright and smile, you look like summer on legs! Find your perfect pair of coloured trousers and coloured jeans now.

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