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Levi’s 501 jeans are back


Be sure to have a peek at the latest Live Unbuttoned ad campaign for Levi’s® 501® Jeans featuring Josh Beech and Canadian beauty Meghan Collison. Model Josh was discovered at a Shoreditch music festival and has appeared in 3 Levi’s campaigns now which beats Nick Kamen’s record. Nick was the one from those famous laundrette ads which I’m sure we all remember… vividly.

Don’t be left out girls… I know plenty of women buying men’s jeans at the moment to get that authentic boyfriend fit. Those who saw my earlier jeans blog post will know how much I love that style of denim right now. The female face of the campaign, Meghan Collison, was discovered at a mall model search in her home town of Edmonton, Canada and has modelled for the likes of Prada, Valentino, Alexander McQueen and Vogue Italia. You don’t get a much better CV than that. See the campaign shots below…

Levi's 501 jeansLevi's 501 jeansLevi's 501 jeans

There’s always a bit of a buzz around Levi’s ad campaigns and they’re known to be a springboard for the careers of up-and-coming talent. Levi’s has always been well-loved by celebrities too and Jay Z, Sienna Miller and Guy Ritchie have all been photographed wearing the brand’s clothing recently. If it’s good enough for Sienna, then it’s definitely on my shopping list.

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  • Denim Jean Queen

    Some trendy jeans may come and go but Levi’s are here to stay. A great staple for every wardrobe

  • jean voi

    I have to agree with the Denim Jean Queen, Levis are truly a staple piece hiding in almost every wardrobe.
    Make sure you keep an eye open for the flat rivets and the `redline` selvege…kerching!!!

    Forget owning a pair of Escada Couture x Swarovski Crystal jeans retailing for $10,000 the true Daddy of all jeans has to be the LEVIS.

    The jean is dead long live Levis.