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Life made fabulous – Holiday issue now live!


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Celebrating the fact that school is out and the holidays are here, the latest issue of our Debenhams magazine is now live…

Remember that movie ‘The Last Days of Disco’? For some reason, whilst putting together this edition of our Debenhams magazine, we kept hearing this title in our heads… with the word ‘disco’ replaced by ‘summer’.

It’s only July – why do we feel summer is almost over? Well, this might be due to the fact we have seen very little sun thus far but, looking out the window today, our luck seems to be changing! Will it last? The weather is so hit and miss, it feels as if autumn could be just around the corner. When it comes to summer 2012, did we blink and miss it?

Thankfully, even if the worst happens and the rainclouds return, there’s always the option of holidaying abroad. In this issue, we’re seeking to celebrate summer with a ‘Travel Chic’ hot list, advice on how to get the celebrity holiday look, style suggestions to ensure your beach look goes swimmingly and, what’s more, we’re also spreading some holiday inspiration – with postcards from a few of our Designers at Debenhams.

Our new ‘What to Wear to a Wedding’ style bible is showcased in this issue, along with the amazing range from Preen for Edition, a new handbag collection from luxury creator Jack French and Jenni Falconer details her ideal dinner date.

If these truly are the last days of summer, this issue of Debenhams magazine will at least ensure it goes out with a, very stylish, bang.

This summer life, and your holiday, is made fabulous, only at Debenhams.

View Life made fabulous: Holiday issue 

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