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Lisa Stickley answers your questions via Twitter


Designer Lisa Stickley will be answering questions via Twitter

Designer Lisa Stickley will be answering questions via Twitter

If you’re as enchanted with Lisa Stickley’s lovely new range (online now!) as we are, you’ll be happy to know the brilliant designer will be the next person to take over @DebenhamsRetail for an hour this Friday!

On Friday (20th August) at 12.30-1.30pm, Lisa will be here to field your questions – maybe you want to know what inspired her new range, or how she became a designer, and why. Perhaps you want to know what her tips are for making a place your own, what it takes to be your own boss in such a competitive industry, or what a typical day looks like for a designer.

Or maybe you’ll even make like this Twitterer, who sent a picture of their kitchen for Jasper Conran to give his design tips for!

Just as before, our Twitter takeovers will be following the same format as Jasper Conran, Phil Vickery and our lingerie experts did. So log onto your Twitter account, and be sure to ask Lisa all the questions you want to know!

And if you want a little question inspiration, check out the range here!

Reminder: If you’re not yet signed up to Twitter, all you have to do is you have to do is head to Twitter.com and click on the ‘sign up’ button on the right-hand side for a free account. Just remember, there’s only 140 characters for Lisa to reply with – so the more specific your question, the better!

Sign up to Twitter, follow @DebenhamsRetail and ask away. Lisa will answer as many questions as she can, and the best will make it here, to a blog post!

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