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Look like you’ve dropped a dress size with our slimming shoes


Slimming shoe formula

Fancy dropping a dress size in seconds? Sounds like a tough task but the answer may be in simply wearing the right shoes. A slimmer silhouette could be yours in an instant if you follow our new formula.

Our technologists created the formula after we noticed an onslaught of celebs, including Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and most recently Ed Miliband’s wife Justine, wearing similar nude high heels. They’ve long been a stylist and celebrity secret weapon and we want to make sure everyone can have this trick up their sleeve, especially with party season coming up.

The formula for the perfect pair of slimming shoes stands for (colour + platform + height + heel width) – ankle strap = slimming.

(C + P + H + HW) – AS = S

  • Choose a nude colour which matches your skin tone. This works as an extension of the leg.
  • Platforms should be concealed and at least a centimetre in depth to ensure maximum lengthening.
  • Heel height is critical; go for at least three inches as added height instantly gives a slimming effect.
  • Heel width should also be considered. Thick heels draw the eye and break the illusion, so stick to stiletto heels.
  • Ankle straps should be avoided at all costs as they cut the leg short, making them look shorter and wider.

Slimming shoes

The formula includes a combination of tricks that give the impression of longer legs and tighter thighs while encouraging the torso to be pushed out, in turn flattening the stomach.

We’ve done our research and when people were asked to guess the dress size of the same woman (wearing different shoes) as above, those shown the image of her wearing the slimming shoes gave an average of one dress size smaller than those shown a picture of her without the magic shoes on. It’s like a diet in a shoe.

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Don’t forget though, if you are wearing black tights then you’ll need to match your shoe colour to your tights for the same effect. The idea is not the break the colour from leg to foot and that’s when you’ll really notice the difference.

Do you have a pair of nude high heels in your wardrobe? Have you been inspired after seeing celebs wearing them?


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