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Make it snappy with a digital camera



Photograph all your best moments with some of our high quality digital cameras.

With this year’s baby boom – make sure you’ve got all the right gear to capture their growing up journey.

For an LCD screen with optical or digital zoom, ensure you get one with a larger screen that makes it easier and quicker to shoot images of subjects. This camcorder from JVC magnifies long distant subjects to bring them closer without the loss of clarity and sharpness.

If you want higher megapixels with image stabilisation – the digital bridge camera kit from Nikon provides clear snaps.

It has all the essential features when capturing fast moving subjects such as sporting shots. The optical lens and digital sensor can be adjusted to compensate for any movement while the image is being captured, helping to prevent any blurred images.

Don’t forget to pull your happiest face when using the black Polaroid digital camera from Polaroid. It allows you to view and crop images and then instantly print them – so you can ensure the perfect photo every time.

Whatever camera you decide to get, make sure your focus is on the right one…

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