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Manbags on the increase



Research by department store Debenhams shows that eight out of ten men now carry a manbag.

The retailer has seen a whopping 2,700 per cent increase in sales of manbags since the start of the year.

An increase in must-have gadgets is likely to be the main reason behind the trend, as men cram tablets, laptops, Kindles and smart phones, as well as the usual items such as keys and wallets into their ever expanding bags.

David Moffat, Debenhams’ senior buyer for men’s accessories said: “As gadgets such as the iPad become more accessible, a man’s daily load is increasing, forcing him to cart more around.

“Gone are the days of just a bunch of keys and a wallet in your pocket, now manbags are rivalling a woman’s in size and weight.

“Men are taking tips from Mary Poppins and cramming in everything but the kitchen sink. For autumn/winter 2012 we have extended our offer to include bags with a greater capacity, to satisfy our customers’ bag needs.”

In 2010, Debenhams reported that women’s handbags were decreasing in size and weight as technological advances allowed them to slimline their carry around.

Since then, the trend has continued, a woman’s handbag now weighs an average of 1.2kg, 61 per cent less than three years ago, and lighter compared to the average man’s, which is now 1.5kg.

The launch of Apple’s iPad saw the biggest increase in the weight of manbags, as the average weight soared by 0.73kg that year.

It’s not just the weight of manbags which has rocketed; the value of their contents has gone through the roof too.

A man’s bag now holds an average of £1,108 in contents, this is up 164 per cent on two years ago due, to the popularity of costly tablets and smart phones.

Rucksacks are also a massive area of sales growth, as men opt for this roomier option, sales have soared by 260 per cent in the last year alone.

Celebrity manbag fans include; David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Hugh Jackman, Jay Z, Ryan Reynolds, Robert Downey Jnr, and Kanye West to name just a few.

With prices start at just £10, Debenhams men’s bags are available in all stores nationwide and also online at Debenhams.com.

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