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Men’s jeans, coloured jeans & chinos



We love jeans and chinos.

What was once a sign of the 80s is now a trend that looks like it’s here to stay.

Whether you like your jeans: bootcut; slim fit or straight leg, we have the perfect pair for you.

We offer designer brands like Levi’s, Wrangler and Rocha.John Rocha to other great labels including St George by Duffer, Ben Sherman and Red Herring.

Jeans offer great freedom whether you are socialising or going to the office. They can even be worn to a wedding and other formal occasions – but always check the dress code first.

And with some pairs with up to 20 per cent off there’s no excuse to slip on some denim, whatever the colour.

The popularity of chinos goes from strength to strength. And with more ways to wear them, they should be every man’s wardrobe.

Colour is the key to any pair of chinos. The tan pair is a staple piece but don’t be afraid to mix up the colours you own.

A red/rust/maroon pair along with a bright blue addition means you can wear almost every type or style of shirt, t-shirt or polo.

And don’t stop there. Match them with a pair of white plimsolls coupled with rolling them up just above the ankle and you’re on-trend without breaking the bank.

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  • David

    Man are becoming interested on jeans. Jeans is always preferable. For getting perfect jeans Mens chinos one of them.