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Men’s style: Kanye for all seasons


Kanye West Seasonal Style

Say what you want about Kanye West, but one thing’s for sure. The man loves fashion and fashion loves him back. Whether he’s front row at Givenchy, giving a concert in a bejewelled Margiela mask, or heading to dinner with Kim in an all-black ensemble, West’s looks exude his own unmistakable brand of male charm and panache.

Throughout his 10+ years music career, Kanye has straddled many different styles, among them mafia don, passionate club goer, space traveller (those shutter shades!), and college student. Fast-forward to now, and he’s lost the maximalism, settling into a luxe, pared-down look of mostly monochrome, grey and blue that works for him wherever he goes in the world. We look to the stylish Yeezus rapper for inspiration for four seasonal looks:

It’s hot, but that’s no reason to stray from the West colour palette. This classic grey t-shirt is paired with stylish black straight-leg jeans for easy male elegance. No matter the weather, Kanye loves a good scarf – a styling trick he surely picked up on his many trips to Paris. The Citizen world-time watch is a must for a globetrotter, and high-top Converse trainers provide the urban edge this looks needs.


Academia is a running theme in West’s music (think albums The College Dropout, Graduation), so we can’t help but think of a dapper, overgrown schoolboy when creating his autumn look. A classic pairing, a pale striped shirt from RJR.John Rocha sits under a grey crew neck jumper from J by Jasper Conran (coming soon). Mr West loves a standout accessory, and a blue velvet bowtie from Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant (coming soon) punctuates this ensemble beautifully. Blue jeans and blue high-top trainers from Kurt Geiger keeps it all from getting too twee. The man raps, after all.

When it’s cold Kanye can regress a bit to his old “more is more” philosophy and accessorise away with a stylish man bag and colourful beanie. An oversized parka is a staple of the Bound 2 singer, while a cable-knit sweater gives the look just the right amount of prep that he’s warmed to. To finish, these black lace-up boots from KG by Kurt Geiger give this outfit the high-fashion polish that we’ve seen on Kanye of late. (Parka and beanie by Red Herring will be coming soon as part of our men’s autumn/winter launch.)

West’s springtime look calls for a casual ensemble with suave, European influence. A blue striped sweater with navy shorts is classically continental while a standout Timberland watch is a nod to West’s American roots. Black fashion trainers, of course, top off the look, and don’t forget the chunky shades.

If there are a few rules of thumb we can take away from Kanye’s style, it’s that one must rebel – if even a little, tonal looks best – leave high contrast for the girls, and when in doubt, wear a statement sneaker. Lastly, think of your company. What would the man himself say about mismatching the girl on your arm? Uh-huh honey.

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