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Mirror Mirror



Snow White is all the rage at the cinema right now, with the release of Snow White and the Huntsman playing at theatres for our viewing pleasure. Here at Debenhams, however, it’s the Wicked Queen we’re thinking of as we obsess over the trend for reflection, dressing up to be the fairest of them all…

If Show White and the Huntsman is being lauded for its stunning costumes, at Debenhams we want to shout out about our own take on fairytale chic.

Whether your style is casual or classic, colourful or subdued, with the mirror trend you’ll easily find a look to reflect – pun intended – your individual taste.

Cute tees seem to be popular with reflective fashion, particularly when it comes to florals. Keep them bright, and beautiful like Snow White, with styles from Red Herring, Casual Collection and Warehouse.

(Above image left to right: White floral mirror reflect tee at Casual Collection, Parrot mirror top from Red Herring)

(Above image left to right: Black mirror leaf dress at Star by Julien Macdonald, Mirror scarf print top)

We love the Star by Julien Macdonald take on this trend, with the black leaf mirror print dress helping to put the ‘classic’ into this everlasting tale. Red Herring also do a number of gorgeous dresses, including our number one style pick in the pink floral shift dress – also available in black.

 (Above image left to right: Pink florals, paisley patterns and yellow prom dress all at Red Herring)

Following staple trends for summer always means stocking up on a few of the, aforementioned, fancy florals. Red Herring give us the mirrored trend teamed with this look, also adding a few flowers to the classic LDB – the little black dress.

(Above image left to right: Floral delights in this bodycon and day dress both at Red Herring)

Our Debenhams’ designers certainly seem to provide a ‘happy ever after’ ending when it comes to this mirror trend, with Rocha. John Rocha offering a gorgeous embellished number.

(Above image left to right: Mirror Embellished top by Rocha. John Rocha, Red Herring mirror printed camisole top)

Sparkle fit for a princess? Fairytale fashion indeed.

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