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Mother’s Day: Facts, figures & fabulous presents…


Mothers Day 1

Mother’s Day – a chance for us to take the time to spoil, pamper and lavish love on the woman who has given us her everything and helped us find our way in the world.

Historically, Mother’s Day was an opportunity for young servant girls who worked away from home to visit their mothers, bake them a cake and present it as a gift. Whether we choose to follow this ancient concept or take up with the turn-of-the-century version, the
common theme remains the same – love thy mother.

So, if your baking skills leave a lot to be desired and a letter writing campaign seems a little long-winded in this technology day and age, then read on to make Mother’s Day fabulous – only at Debenhams.

She’s wonderful because…

She’s a daughter’s best friend…

We all have one – a mother who taught us everything we know. A woman whom we love because she cooks the tastiest food, gives the best advice and, above all, she’s honest with us. A friend will never really tell you that your bum looks big in that on-trend peplum dress, a friend will probably not be as honest as you would like about your latest experimental haircut and, most importantly, a friend will meet your latest boyfriend and say, “Well he seems nice”, while your mother will say, “He’s seems nice, but definitely not for you”.

Honesty may cause arguments from time to time but, when it comes to love, it’s undoubtedly the best policy, so show your appreciation on this one day of the year. The next day, you can go back to hanging up the phone in dismay and telling her she knows nothing.

With our pick of the best gifts to show you care, when you go back to being typical you, she’ll know you love her really. Because honestly, mother, we really do.

She’s also wonderful because…

She’s every son’s saviour…

You’re late and you need to get a move on. Now where’s that great shirt? Arrgh!! Creased beyond repair. Not a problem.

In the blink of an eye and the flash of an iron, your evening is saved by the superhero living in your home.

It’s fair to say we don’t speak in great detail, we don’t need to. Nods, winks but normally a grunt is enough to, convey whether we’ve lost a football match, need help with homework or need a lift to meet friends.

She may be a washer of clothes, cooker of dinners and drier of tears but she’ll always be mum.

And with a great selection of gifts, flowers and other ideas for Mother’s Day at Debenhams, it’s the perfect time to say thank you mum, you’re the best.

What do mum’s listen to?

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