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Nab a designer RI Roksanda Ilincic dress



RI Roksanda Ilincic is here and boy are we excited!

The capsule collection of breathtaking dresses has been designed exclusively for Debenhams and features six styles which epitomise the designer’s modern take on eveningwear. Expect utterly wearable pieces such as tantalizing cocktail dresses, glamorous draped gowns, 1950s style prom dresses plus luxe details like tulle, delicate applique flowers and chic satin.

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RI by Roksanda Illincic

RI by Roksanda Illincic

Roksanda says “It’s great to be able to offer some of my mainline aesthetic to a wider audience through this collaboration. I wanted to create contemporary occasionwear for fashion-conscious woman that combines fashionable shapes with intricate details and rich colours” The collection is available now in selected stores and online and prices start from £180, a mere snip compared to the Roksanda Ilincic mainline collection.

WIN your own RI Roksanda Ilincic dress!

And the winner is… congratulations to Hannah Arnold who was randomly selected as the winner. Here is her comment:

“If I were lucky enough to win this fabulous dress then I would enjoy wearing it to my brother’s wedding at the end of August.”

We hope you enjoy wearing the dress Hannah!

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  • Delyse Diack

    To my friends wedding in April 2012!

  • Susie

    I would wear one of these fab dresses out to dinner whilst holidaying in Rome this August. Bound to turn heads!!!

  • sarah bailey

    I have a wedding in july that im really struggling to find something to wear. This would be great with a shawl in the same colour as the band.

  • Amanda Robertson

    I would keep it for when I finally get my dream job and go out to celebrate.

  • Katherine De Riera

    Wow if i won this dress, (I won’t but I’ll try,) I would get my hubby to take me to a very posh restaurant probably in London as we haven’t been out for ages, and I would really go to town and glam myself up, I’d even splash out on new shoes! Wow I can but drream!

  • Venitia Matthews

    Oh would love a dress. I have a very high profile wedding to go to in the next few months.

  • Ashlee

    OMG I really actually totally NEED this dress for Ascot match the belt to a HAT, Shoes (and possibly some vintage gloves if not to hot!) I can then wear it to a Wedding as its a total different group of people. I have organised two wears out of this dress and I dont even own it!

  • Rita Mistry

    I would wear the RI Roksanda Ilincic dress to my cousins wedding reception, its coming up soon and I have nothing to wear. The RI Roksanda Ilincic dress is so beautiful, if onlyI could be so lucky. Thanks for the opportunity to win a masterpiece.

  • Gina Smart

    I would wear it to the parents summer ball for my son’s school. I have lost four stone recently and want to pull out all stops.

  • Sandra Traynor

    Id Give it to my Daughter to wear to her friends wedding :0))

  • Sharon Richmond

    I would love to wear this dress on a rare night out with my fella!! We’d do something different from staying at home with kids like go to Glasgow, catch some live music, go somewhere for a fantastic meal, relax & just be “us” for an evening!! Ahhhhh Bliss!! xx

  • Mhairi

    I would wear this dress at every opportunity! it is stunning!!

  • amelia avossa

    I would wear a Big black headband maybe a bow or flower, some black wedges and some gold accsesories :D

  • Sandi

    I’d wear it for dinner out to celebrate my 10th anniversary.

  • Samantha Blake

    Lovely Dress! I would wear it to my graduation!

  • Mary

    As this dress would be perfect for a day at the races, I’d be wearing it to the Irish Derby on June 29. (Size 12 please!)

  • Rachel Collins

    Gorgeous! I would wear this dress to my first ever visit to York races (having lived here for 8 years!) any excuse :D xx
    Twitter: Rachel1383

  • Julia Rockett

    I would wear this dress to my posh work’s do at the races later this year. Would be fab to win!

  • Laura clegg

    I’d wear it to take my son to nursery… Just coz I can ;)

  • Diane Ayres

    Going out with my hubby for our anniversary this summer.

  • Helen Greenwood

    My best friends wedding! She’s getting married in September…………..please lovely Debehams people! :) x

  • http://www.mystylespot.blogspot.com cindy b

    Wow, I absolutely adore this dress and I would wear it everywhere!!

  • hannah evans

    I would save it for my xmas party – there’s nothing like being organised!!

  • Fiona Byrne

    Wow love the dresses they are so cute – I have my fingers and toes crossed – I would wear it on a night out, on my holidays in Budapest!

  • s miles

    Wow what a fab dress, if i was lucky enough to win it,I would wear one of these fab dresses out to dinner while on holiday in Barbados.
    Many thanks

  • Ann Scott

    I would wear it on my dream holiday – a Baltic cruise next year

  • denise s

    I’d wear this gorgeous dress to the OH annual work summer do It would be perfect .Always a dilemma as it is such an occasion to impress.

  • Deana Kneen

    To my cousins wedding.

  • Susanna

    I would wear this dress for any special occasion that is coming up or to just cheer me up and make me feel beautiful.

  • Joanne May

    I’d wear this dress and take myself out for a lovely relaxed afternoon tea and scones in my favourite London tea shop (Tea by St Paul’s Cathedral).

  • JOANWalsh


  • Paula Isaacs

    Ladies day at Newmarket races in July

  • Donna Burwell

    Sadly, I don’t have an achingly glamorous event to go to. So I’d pretend I’m a perfect Stepford Wife and wear it to do the housework. That’ll make the boring chores fly by!

  • Lisa white

    I would wear the dress to my 15th wedding anniversary party in august

  • Rachel

    Out for dinner with my lovely new husband :)

  • Anne

    this dress is beautiful and I would wear it to celebrate (if that is the word!!!!!!!!) my 50th Birthday in July. It would take a bit of the pain away

  • zainab govalia

    A dress it is, oh my, how bold
    it stands out in this crowd, lo behold.
    elegant and sophiticated is it’s design
    to awe the boy on my very first date, please let it be mine!

  • H A

    Wow, I’ll wear this beautiful dress on my niece’s engagement party.

  • niamh boyle

    My brother’s wedding on the 16th of july. Xx

  • Leanne Millis

    I would wear this dress in the day, in the evening, heck even at home, its beautiful I will feel beautiful and that will be a magical moment in life!

  • http://www.frillsnspills.com Maria

    That dress is beautiful! I would wear it underneath my cap and gown for my graduation in a few weeks time the cerise belt would match my hood perfectly :)

    Maria xxx

  • Rexy

    I would wear it to my cousin’s wedding in Mauritius in September.Also to many high profile events I attend.

  • Kellie Collister

    I actually have several occasions coming up which the dress would be perfect for – a christening, hubby’s work summer do at the races, a friend’s birthday, our 10th anniversary and an autumn wedding so perfect! ♥

  • fran g

    i have just separated after 16 years of marriage,not being able to wear or do what i want,i would wear this dress walking the streets of london browsing the many beautiful shopping areas ,,showing off this beauitful statement dress head held high and proud,,a new self confidence a new me,,portraying a new beginning of a better life and proud of it x

  • Raj M

    It will be ideal for a networking event organised by work in central London.

  • Amanda

    I’d wear it to make my friends green with envy, can’t often afford anything fancy, so would be good to feel and look fab! Any excuse! x

  • magda

    i would wear the dress every day everywhere i go…anytime…..please send to me please

  • Debbie o Connell

    I would love a new dress for my 30th birthday!!something to make me feel young again!!thanks

  • Breda

    I’d wear it to the Galway races, it’s definitely an eye catcher.

  • Emily Marshall

    I would wear one of these beautiful dresses to my beautiful daughters christening!

  • Lorraine

    To my cousins wedding. I’d be the envy of all the girls. :D

  • Philippa

    Everywhere I go there is always someone with the same outfit as me on! If I won this, then this (hopefully) wouldn’t happen as it’s not available to buy from my local shops! PLEASE let me stand out from the crown for the right reasons!!!!

  • eileen

    I would wear the RI Roksanda Ilincic dress to my sons wedding!!!!!

  • Victoria Thomas

    i’d wear it to my friends wedding september 2011.

  • Sarah Laycock

    Absolutely perfect for the races, that’s what I call style in the paddock!

  • Deborah Curwen

    I would absolutely love to wear it to my cousins wedding more so because of its sleek silhouette which would (hopefully) help me to look smart but with the pop of playful pink.

  • sarah allcoat

    definitely on our city break to Madrid.. I need to try hard to keep up stylewise with my teenage daughter x

  • Joanne B

    I’d wear this to the next awards ceremony I attend – gorgeous!

  • Wila Jones

    It’s my ?0th birthday in October – I’d love to wear this dress to my party!

  • Lucy

    After 18 years together, I want to remind my hubby that I’m still a foxy woman as well as wife and mum, so would wear it on a night out to celebrate his 40th birthday in September!

  • Pamela Gossage

    To my grndchilds Christening

  • Sally

    to my brothers wedding in September

  • Shanade Sherratt

    I would wear the dress to my friends wedding in October. It’d be fab!

  • Cathryn Smethurst

    I would wear it on my next meal out with my husband and then many times more.

  • Nicole Bravender

    I have a fantastic birthday reception to attend at the end of August and this dress would look fab in the grand hotel ballroom where the party is to be held.

  • elaine

    To my daughters wedding

  • Tracy Nixon

    Thanks ever so much for this great competition! ♥ I am a single mum of six children and never have any spare money to treat myself to anything new! ♥ I have shared your comp on Facebook and on Twitter. Thank you once again xxx (Tracy Nixon MSE) (@Tracy Nixon).

    I don’t really have anything special coming up in the immidiate, but these are the types of dresses that will never really date – speaking of dates – I am 36 and still single – so I think I would like to ear it at my friends wedding in the New Year and you never know – it might help me attact my Mr Right! xxx I can live in hop!

  • Carrie-ann

    I’d wear this for my wedding anniversairy

  • Hayley williams

    i would wear it on my second anniversary in july

  • Lucy Walker

    I would wear the dress to my friend’s baby’s christening in July.


    It will be my 50th birthday next year and i i m on a diet to lose weight so winning this in a size 12 will be a great incentive to keep going so i can fit into it and look & feel great at my 50th birthday bash

  • Deborah Wheeler

    Going out to dinner with a friend to a posh restuarant in july for their birthday so this would be great

  • Daksha

    Think this would be my ‘go to’ dress whenever I want to feel special- its lovely!

  • Coralie Pearson

    I would wear it to my friends wedding next month!

  • http://www.thestylebox.com Emma Baines

    I would wear this dress to the office to try and inject some glamour into everyday life!

  • kim mayhead

    I would wear this dress for my anniversary on 15th July. I have been married 11 years this year ! I would love to have something new and as special as this dress to wear.

  • lucy osborne

    i’d wear the dress to my nieces christening to who i am godmother to, i’d also wear it to a friends wedding in august

  • Jane Davis

    I would wear this to my grandparents anniversary dinner x

  • Lesley

    I would love to wear this stunning dress when I go out for my husband’s birthday meal. :)

  • Roslyn Marshall

    I would wear it to my mate’s wedding on September 24th! It’s going to be a super posh doo so I need something pretty special for the day x

  • Claire

    I would wear this dress to a meal with my boyfriend to celebrate completing my chemistry degree!

  • sana shah

    I would wear this on romantic trip with husband to London

  • Elemy

    To my school reunion! What a great dress!

  • Sarah Benson

    I would wear this dress everywhere to celebrate losing 2 stone

  • Rachel Holmes

    I have a series of weddings to attend, this would be perfect for a few of them.

  • Evelyn Johnston

    That is stunning would have to be to my god daughters wedding.

  • Olivia Phipps

    I would wear this stunning dress on an evening out for me and my boyfriend’s 3 year anniversary in July!

  • Peak

    I would wear it at my friends special birthday do!

  • Rachel Jones

    I would wear this to my dads wedding! he would be so proud of me looking fab on his wedding day and making so much effort.

  • Phil Darling

    I would wear this dress to the work – I work on a hotel reception, and my boss has told me to take a leaf out of Janes (fellow receptionist) and tidy my act up. Then, I might let my wife wear it in the evening.

  • janie h

    To all the job interviews i am gonna get (fingers crossed!)

  • Nicola Seary

    I’d wear the dress out on a rare night out with my husband.As a mum of 5 with a husband that works long hours we dont get the chance to go out often.

  • Emma

    Iam a regular race goer and one of these dresses would be perfect for Ladies day!.

  • liz denial

    Oh wow, that is so gorgeous, it would be perfect for my best friend’s graduation ball which I’m really looking forward to attending. I feel like a deserve a degree myself as I’ve been acting as her Editor throughout her course & could probably become a teacher myself :)

  • Marycarol

    Would wear it to my niece’s wedding – am losing weight at the moment so would give me that extra incentive!

  • Susan Luckie

    My divorce was made final last month, I have lost 3 stone and I have moved to another town. I am having a party for new beginnings. The dress would look great on my new slim figure and it would be a great start for a new beginning.

  • Danielle Welsh

    I would wear it to my brothers 3oth at the end of the month !

  • Alex Cuckson

    I’d wear it around my house; cheer me up after a long period of ‘flu!

  • Julie B

    I would wear it to Ascot, I would really stand out in this stunning dress. I have some great pink shoes to go with it too.

  • toni

    Oh I’d wear it on our forthcoming holiday to Florida x

  • Karen Walkden

    ill be 41 in july and feeling foxy and fab is gonna be easy in a beautiful dress when i go out to celebrate !

  • Christine Temlett

    I’d wear it to a posh dinner and dance that I’ve been invited to!

  • Bev Cordle

    On my honeymoon for the evening entertanment

  • jemma price

    I would like to wear this for a job interview

  • Georgina Ball

    I have a wedding coming up and nothing to wear!

  • Lyndsey Colgan

    I’d wear it everywhere and never take it off!!

  • Rachel Taylor

    If I won this I would arrange a night away in a hotel with my husband and be waiting for him in the bar with cocktails wearing this.

  • katherine grieve

    I would wear it to my friends wedding in summer.

  • FionaLynne Edwards

    I would wear this beautiful dress to my friend’s 40th Cocktail Party in August. It would be absolutely perfect.

  • Jc

    Its my friends 30th in a few weeks and ive nothing to wear and no money to buy anything new so i would love to wear this fab dress.

  • Isabelle Smith

    Would wear to my best friends wedding :)

  • Hannah Arnold

    If I were lucky enough to win this fabulous dress then I would enjoy wearing it to my brother’s wedding at the end of August.

  • Alice Hindley

    I’d wear this to my friends birthday party\reception

  • Sammy Devonald

    I would wear this dress to the local supermarket because a great dress can brighten up even the most mundane of days and tasks. Like food in the supermarket ‘clothing packages an individual to achieve success’ and this is definitely a dress that would do just that.

  • RMurphy

    This RI Roksanda Ilincic dress is so stunning and such a classic that it would be perfect for all sorts of occasions. But I’d love to wear it going out with my gal pals and this dress would ensure, that even in the current tough times, you’d FEEL A MILLION Dollars!! Would so love to win!

  • Laura

    I’d wear it every chance I got… to the two weddings I have coming up, to my aunt’s 40th birthday, to the pub… to the shop. Any excuse to look like a big ride!

  • Jane Adair

    I would wear this to my Son’s BB presentation as all the other mothers dress somewhat conservatively and I think they need to know that you can be smart and fashionable and that black need not be drab!

  • Kayleigh

    If i was lucky enough to win this dress i would give it to my mum to wear as a thankyou for all shes done for me. She would deffiently be the envy of everyone at her cousin’s wedding

  • ruth hunter

    to dinner on my birthday

  • charlotte Ann summers

    Iv started planning my whole outfit for my Mr works xmas party. Last year i had a ok dress that was let down by flat shoes, not this year. Im learning to walk in heels and just need to perfect bragging dress.

    His boss is always out shining the workers, id love to be the show stopper for once and be the transformed ugly duckling (compared to last year) to a gorgeous swan.

  • Emily McMillan

    I would wear it down to my local Debenhams and give the staff a twirl and a massive hug to say thank you!!… And while I’m there I may as well take a look at the shoes… :)

    Thank you for a great comp for a beautiful dress! Emily x

  • Lucy

    My work summer party, I have some serious fashionistas to keep up with!

  • Cheryll H

    I’d save it for Christmas Day :)

  • cactusjo

    I would wear it to every event, party, wedding & funeral until the end of my days! This is a dress I would be seen dead in! ;-)

  • bee

    I would wear it to my daughter’s 21st birthday bash providing I could keep it hidden away and not wear it on my own birthday which comes first – ooh, decisions, decisions!

  • Michelle Edmonds

    Hubby taking me on a cruise.

    Where better to show off one of these fantastic dresses?

  • Kirsten Murphy

    To my husband’s 50th birthday party in July so everyone realises that I am nowhere near as old as him!!! Obviously I want him to be proud to be seen with me too since that will be his only present as he wants people to donate to Dreamz 4u instead of buying him stuff!

  • Mandy Jones

    Night out with the girls. Cocktails. Very important business dinner. Dinner date! :) Wedding. This is a dress for all occasions. Simply stunning. x

  • Caroline Colquhoun

    To my uncles 50th birthday party later in the year as I am a student, work part time and I`m on a tight budget

  • http://facebook Jan Wilkins

    I would wear the dress to a meal and drinks eve, that the mums from my daughters class are having, would be gr8 to look a knockout and certainly would in that dress !!!! And you never know my husband might actually take me somewhere posh to show me off!

  • Lesley Saunders

    I would give this beautiful dress to my lovely daughter, because I think she would look stunning in it.

  • mardylady

    On an evening out with my gorgeous husband.

    Now…which shoes to wear….decisions, decisions !! lol

  • jennifer thorpe

    I would wear this when my husband finally takes me out to a posh restaurant for a very expensive dinner :-)

  • maureen findley

    i would wear this lovely dress to my first night out in months since my boyfriend lost his job and we haven’t had a ‘date night’ since….. boo hoo xxxx

  • Nicky Benton

    I wear it to my friends wedding later this year

  • Ashleigh

    i would wear it on a nice night out with my husband!

  • Angela Walker

    My birthday bash

  • leanne

    Id wear it to mine and my husbands romantic meal for our 10 year wedding anniversay,in july, i dont wear dresses much anymore so it will be a nice surprise for him

  • Sally Easton

    I would wear it for my 21st wedding anniversary celebrations and a few weddings which are coming up. Lovely dress!

  • tania

    will b great for xtening

  • DawnC

    I would wear the dress to a wedding that I am attending in July

  • Vanessa Cox

    I’d wear this gorgeous dress on a night out with my husband for a romantic chic dinner :)

  • Patricia Fletcher

    to my friends wedding next year – time to lose a stone!

  • agnes robson

    This dress would be lovely for an evening out

  • jane walker

    I would love this dress,it’s sexy,chic,the sleeves allow an older woman to wear it with style. I am going to the races in September and for once would like to shine and be noticed and stand out in a crowd…..here’s hoping

  • Joanne Billington

    To my old uni friends wedding in September, i havent seen them both since i had my baby last year and a stunning dress will show off my weight loss and make me feel fab.

  • Fran Grasby

    I would wear this dress to my sister’s 50th birthday party

  • Libby Alexander

    I have a really posh Wedding reception to go to this Summer, at a Country Manor and would love to wear this. Most of my family who are going haven’t seen me since I’ve lost loads of weight and I’d love to feel confident. Usually, I’m sat in a corner feeling frumpy…but, with my new figure and this new dress, I’d feel a million dollars.

  • Louise

    I’d wear this to my 40th birthday party

  • sharon

    To my son’s christening in August.

  • Rachel Williams

    I’m a singer and would love to wear this dress on stage to look glamorous and gorgeous!

  • kathryn jones

    I’d like to wear it to the supermarket to do my weekly shop. that way I KNOW people would be looking at me- even if they just thought i was “over dressed”, theyd be admirring how good i looked! :o )

  • Teresa

    I’d save it until I met someone special & wear it on a first date

  • Michelle Hollingsbee

    I would wear it to my Dad’s wedding at the end of July

  • Crystal Mse

    If you picked me as your lucky winner , I’d wear this gorgeous RI Roksanda Ilincic dress to a sumptious cocktail bar . I’ve not been well for over a year now , but since my health is coming back to me slowly but surely , I’ve started planning my ‘first’ night out with the girlies ! It’s lovely to have something to look forward to after spending so much time on my own . I’ve got butterflies just thinking about getting back out there again . Wish me luck ! Thanks . Crystal x

  • Kathryn

    On my honeymoon on our first meal out as husband and wife

  • http://veryrandomrambles.blogspot.com/ Stephanie Cummins

    I would wear this to chester races in august for my friends birthday :D


    i would wear this to my brothers wedding in Gretna Green later on this year :)

  • Louise Howells

    I would wear this to a wedding iv got in July xx

  • Claire C

    It’s so stunning I would wear it to work! I wouldn’t wait for a special occasion.

  • abby bookham

    I would wear it out for my birthday

  • julie henderson

    i would wear it to my see my husband perform at an entertainment award ceremony

  • muna abuzeidan

    i would wear it on my brother’s party next month,i will be gorgeous :)

  • linda

    Next year is my husbands 5oth birthday, our 30th wedding anniversary, my daughters wedding and my parents golden wedding. This dress would be perfect for all of these occasions.

  • annmarie

    i would wear this for a special occasion,wedding,birthday party,christening

  • Mandy James

    I would wear one of these gorgeous dresses on a lovely night out for a meal with my Hubby! :)

  • Janice Channer

    I would wear this to my young daughters special concert when she is playing in her Orchestra at Cardiff…thanks x

  • katie deane

    this is what i would on my honeymoon next year to celbrate becomming mrs saunders a new dress for the new me my 1st child is due in sept have a wedding booked in may next year this would make the new me look even happier :)

  • Annette

    I would love to wear any one of those lovely dresses to a family birthday party in July :)

  • Katherine D

    Super dress, and this July on my birthday I am invited to an evening wedding reception, so this would be perfect! Just right for a double celebration.

  • Eleanor Beavan

    Would be perfect for a night at the theatre

  • nagia

    I love the dress i always shop my party dresses from debenhams its my favourite shop i m 15y old and my birthday will be on 2nd july i wish i get this dress so i will wear at my party thx ;)

  • Joyce

    Would wear it for my glamorous birthday party on the 29 June 2011.

  • Kelly Koya

    I’d love to wear it to Venice later this year

  • http://Facebook Karen Knowles

    I would wear one of these dresses for a formal or Black & White night onboard my favourite cruise ship. In fact I would wear these dresses on ANY cruise ship or “Black Tie’ event.

  • helen

    I would wear it on a date with my new boyfriend!

  • Diana Cotter

    I’d wear it to my niece’s graduation.

  • Izabela

    I would like to wear this dress for my Birthday in two weeks but my sister has Bday as well so I am sure it will be amazing gift for her ) she will be very happy x

  • Helen Boyle

    No glamorous events coming up so I would invent one, just so I could wear my new dress! x

  • Louise

    Hi. This dress is gorgeous. I would wear it to my school dinner/reception in July. Parents and staff are meeting in London. We all left Libya in February. Leaving all our belongings behind. I could only take one suitcase out and left my beautiful cocktail dresses in my apartment. I can’t wait to meet up with everyone and have the chance to say goodbye and get some closure on that chapter of our lives.

  • lynsey ritchie

    I’d keep it for my birthday celebration in September. I’ll hopefully be a size 12 by then – I’ve went from a size 20 to a 14 in the year so fingers crossed! X

  • Fran Morgan

    It’s been a while since I saw a lot of old friends cos of always being away at uni. For my first night out back home I would love to rock a simple and understated dress at it.

  • Margaret mcintosh

    As my grandson about to have his dream fulfilled and go into the west end , I would wear it on the opening night of the new show ,

  • Alison Jenkins

    Its soon going to be my 50th and I need something especially classy and sophisticated to wear when my husband takes me to our surprise destination

  • Jean

    I would love to have a dress like this to wear for the cruise which im going on soon

  • Verity Kirkwood

    I would wear it for my first wedding anniversary as i want to make it special as didnt have a honeymoon because my husband went to Afghanistan straight after our wedding

  • Haryati

    I’d wear it on the long-haul flight in July, might get an upgrade looking poised with that dress. Then again with 2 kids in tow, I might not.

  • Julie Conway

    I would wear it to my Sister’s wedding

  • Cath

    I would wear the dress when I go and see my son’s painting in an art exhibition next week. I am really proud of him and want him to be proud of me too!

  • Claire Jones

    I’d wear this dress on my wedding anniversary next week!!

  • Liz Mahon

    I would wear this dress to go on a cruise and I would feel so elegant and get a picture with the ship’s captain

  • Solange

    A movie premiere

  • Sue Robinson

    I’d wear it to the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations next year … as I’m sure to be invited! ;-)

  • Stacey Webb

    I would make my fiance take me out to a posh restaurant so that I could show it off!

  • Marcella

    I would wear the dress to a party.

  • Sara Friend

    I would wear it to my husband’s and my second anniversary together :)

  • betty edgar

    I would wear it to ladies day at Ayr Races as I have a fab fascinator in fuschia pink and black which would match perfectly.

  • M.W.

    In private

  • Andrea

    Having lost alot of weight recently I would wear this dress once I reached my target weight, it really is fabulous and would be a great motivation to drop a dress size or two :)

  • Samantha

    I would be wearing to a friend’s wedding in January, and make sure everyone’s eyes popped out after having dropped 2 stone!

  • Lucy Taylor

    I’d love to wear it to the charity function i’m going to later this year. This would solve my wardrobe dilema!!!

  • Helen Lewis

    I would love to have the dress to meet the man of my dreams… that is flying into London from overseas to meet me this summer .. It would be very suitable for that Special occasion … I am banking on impressing him with this cute dress that would flatter my figure.. I am struggling with money so much… and i would very much appreciate going out around London with a fantastic man holding hand or his arm around me wearing such a swish black dress..

  • Jane Dale-Beaumont

    I would wear it christmas day for dinner with my familt :)

  • cocochips

    I would wear this dress to my best friends wedding in August!

  • Amy

    I would wear this fab dress to my cousin’s winter wedding later this year! FAB!

  • Ángela Fernández

    I would wear it to my birthday. It is on next month! :)

  • Margaret Stewart

    Id wear it walking along the street and really show off my curves :-D

  • Caz

    New York for my 30th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura Sterling

    I would wear it to meet my boyfriends parents for the first time, as their having a party and i want to make a good impression,

  • nichola stephens

    they are such beautiful dresses. i would love to take my partner out to a fancy restaurant and for him to think wow she looks amazing

  • Jules Naybur

    Love these dresses, i would wear one to my friends weddingin September x

  • Pamela Browett

    I would wear this on our trip to france in september

  • Cara

    These dresses are beautiful. I would wear the dress on our summer holiday to Rhodes. Its perfect for a romantic night out with the hubby!

  • lynette

    I would wear this stunning dress for a romantic meal out with my hubby to celebrate our upcoming anniversary, hopefully looking this glamorous would remind him why he married me!

  • Pixie

    I would wear it out with my boyfriend to celebrate the birth of our baby this July.

  • Clare

    I’d take it on my honeymoon to wear for a meal out

  • Lorna

    I would wear it to my stepdaughter’s wedding in August, what a stylish dress, I love it!

  • yola Craig

    I would wear this dress to attend my first ever Opera here in Paphos in September in the open air in the Port area ….. woudl be fantastic :-)

  • Caroline McKenzie

    I would wear to an awards ceremony in September in the vain hope our team wins and I have to accept on their behalf, I would feel very glamorous

  • Julie Booth

    I would wear it for my daughters 18 th birthday party dinner

  • Gillian

    I’d wear this dress to a party
    I’d wear it on a date
    To wear this gorgeous outfit
    I do believe is my fate.

  • Sarah Dickinson

    I would wear the dress to my the christening of my friend’s little girl Abbie in July and then to the wedding of my cousin (Amy) to her fiancee James in September ;D x x x

  • sagar

    I think the outfits are suitable for any occasion when you want to look gorgeous. Occasion like Birthday, Marriage, party.

  • Gemma Poulding

    I’m going to my friends wedding in Boston USA in August, I’m very excited as I have not been to the USA before so would wear the dress there!

  • Cheryl M

    I am being made redundant and would wear it on my last day at work, to show the rest of them that I’m not afraid.

  • Adele

    June is a special month for us as a family, my duaghter is a teenager, I will be 40, its my 14th wedding anniversary and my niece has her first Holy Communion. Having lost my mum at the end of April this year these occasions will be bittersweet without her there. I know she would be proud of us all and having recently lost over 5 stone I will have the confidence to wear such a beautiful dress.

  • katrina walsh

    Oh this is just lovely. Id wear it to my daughters upcoming 18th Birthday Party, teamed with a nice pair of glitzy black heels.

  • Lauren Elizabeth

    I’d wear this dress out to a special anniversary dinner with my wonderful man. I’d feel pretty for once and he’d be proud to have me on his arm.

  • Cassandra

    I would love to wear this at my friends wedding in September!! :D

  • Christine Bray

    I will wear it to my brothers wedding reception in the evening gorgrous and so me!!!!

  • Elizabeth Hansell

    I’ve been invited to a black tie cocktail evening and this would just be superb, please count me in!

  • Tomas Teamus

    My wife would love this for our holidays it just her style!

  • Ann Tofari

    I’d wear the dress to our wedding anniversary do in September x

  • Sarah Docherty

    I would love to wear this to my friend’s hen night!

  • Hannah Rowley

    Im going to my cousins wedding in august and would love to wear it there.

  • kayleigh beirne

    I would wear this gorgeous dress to my friend’s wedding in September with some killer heels!

  • Carol Naylor

    I would love to wear this dress, just to look in the mirror!! ;P

  • Sharron Salkin

    I would save it and wear it to my niece’s wedding.

  • michelle

    I’d wear it to a well deserved night out with my other half(without the kids!)I’ve just lost 1 and a half stone so it would make me feel fantastic to wear this!

  • Juliette Howard

    I’m being taken off to the opening of a new restaurant soon and I wouldn’t mind a new dress for it!

  • Chris Bull

    I’d wear it on my wedding anniversary in August :-)

  • katrina cristofoli


  • emma holder

    i would to my wedding anniversary party,my husband and i have been happily married for 10 wounderful years this 16th of august

  • Sarah Hay

    What a gorgeous dress perfect to wear to the Opera.

  • Vicky Smith

    I’d wear it to take my OH out for dinner. I am a real tomboy and usually found in jeans. He’d be very shocked!

  • Naomi

    fabulous dress! I would wear it to my work christmas party x

  • Kayleigh

    My husband has been working 7 days a week for 8 months now so once he has finish I would wear this dress for our first meal out together in nearly 3 years!

  • Stephanie Leggett

    I would wear the dress for my friend’s wedding as at the moment I have nothing to wear!!

  • nisha koya

    I would love to wear this dress anywhere as its simply beautiful

  • Heather Shaw

    I would wear it to my cousins wedding. i would unintentionally upstage the bride

  • Claire Morrissey

    If I won this dress I think I would wear it to my dads 70th birthday party, and then probably every other occasion following that! :D

  • Lili

    I would love to wear this dress to a special anniversary celebration.

  • Claire

    Well of corse I will have to wear the dress as soon as I know I will be proposed to, I know my partner has something up his sleeve (location: very posh retaurant)and it will be very soon. My aim is to look a million dollars!

  • nicolene abdessselam

    love it for an evening out with my lovely husband……

  • Anne

    My daughter’s graduation and night out afterwards, would be perfect!

  • Jennifer Stokes

    I’d wear the dress to my great-nephew’s christening in July.

  • Clementina

    My daughter’s prom next month. I would love to wear it there :)

  • Eileen

    This Classy Cocktail Dress deserves a night with Champagne in the City

  • j jackson

    my engagement party next month

  • Clare White

    I would wear it to my sons graduation

  • nicola redfern

    i would wear it to sat bains were me and my boyfriend are going to for his birthday in july

  • cathy james

    i would give it to my daughter for her sports award ceremony

  • Paul Marshall

    I’d wear it doing the household chores!!

  • charlotte riggio

    Have been invited to a lovely tent at Wibledon, would wear it then. Congrats to whomever wins it!

  • ellen

    I would wear this the next time I go out

  • Elizabeth

    I have a wedding coming up so \I would wear it there

  • Elaine Taylor

    I would wear it to celebrate my husbands 50th birthday in July

  • Laura Sanderson

    I would wear it to my friends wedding with some bright pink shoes….pick me please!

  • Linda Brooks

    I would wear it to the office with a pair of sexy secretary glasses – let’s bring ‘Mad Men’ glamour to Cardiff!

  • Cara

    I have a number of wedding to go to this year and this dress would be perfect for them all!! :)

  • Lisa Ellison

    I have a Charity Ball to go to in October and I dont have a dress yet and I’m not sure which glitterati will be attending yet but it will be good to make an impression.

  • http://extremehousewife.blogspot.com Laura Hadland

    If I won I’d wear my dress to the park on a bright summer’s day, for the most glamorous, decadent picnic of my life with my husband. Blue sky, birds singing, great threads – I couldn’t ask for more.

  • C Thomas

    My parents are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary soon with a big party, so I’d wear the dress then. They have the most amazing story – the night they met, my Dad told my Mum he was going to marry her – they married within the year and here they are, 30 years and 4 children later, still going strong! It will definitely be the party of the year (if not the decade) so I’ll need a dress as beautiful as this to celebrate in.

  • Shaz

    I would wear it to my friends wedding in August

  • Natalie Robinson

    I would wear it for my birthday in August and it would give me the perfect excuse to do something fancy

  • linda wiles

    To my hubbys work do, I would love to feel glamorous

  • Linda

    I am a jewellery designer and I would wear this dress at the opening of my next exhibition – accessorised with a few pieces from my own collection ;-)

  • Michelle Williams

    My niece’s 21st birthday

  • Patricia Long

    I’d wear this dress out to dinner with my husband for our 7 year anniversary coming up the end of the month! There’re be no 7 year itch going on here then!!!

  • emma cella

    I would love to wear this at my friends wedding in July

  • Rachel Barton

    I would wear this dress to dinner with my parents when we visit them in France this summer. Just to show the French ladies that we British can be elegant too!

  • Becky Williams

    To my husbands and I’s 3rd wedding anniversary meal in a fancy restaurant.

  • Florence Cross

    I would wear it for my sister’s 40th, although I don’t think she would be too happy if I came anywhere near to overshadowing her.

  • Marina Wilson

    I’ve got a double party on 25th August for both my daughter and my own birthdays. This would be ideal for me to wear at the ‘do’ in the evening.

  • Alison Turner

    I would wear it for my birthday in August I would feel a million dollars in it.

  • Daniella Abraham

    If I won I would wear the dress to Ladies day at Newcastle Races in july.

  • Alison

    I would wear it for my dads 80th birthday

  • Claire Butler

    My wedding anniversary is 2 before my birthday. So id wear on one of these occasions when my husband takes me to a nice restaurant

  • Susannah Glover

    I have a work function coming up soon and I have nothing to wear. This dress would be perfect!

  • Joanna Sawka

    I am going on my friends wedding in August. that dress would be perfect.

  • Lucy Wright-Booth

    It is my 10th wedding in October and we are having a very rare weekend away without the kids at the very posh hotel we got married in. It would be perfect to wear then!

  • Luisa Lauren

    If I won the dress, I would wear it on a weekend away with my husband. He would be really shocked to see me in something so gorgeous.

  • claire green

    If i won this stunning dress i’d wear it to gordon ramsays restaurant in london, we are going for a good ol’ slap up meal later on this year and this would be so ideal – a fancy dress, for a fancy meal, on a perfect night out!

  • wendy balson

    I would wear this fabulous dress out to dinner. i have met the most amazing man, who spoils me rotten and treats me like a princess. we dont have much money as all goes on our children from previous relationships, but i would love to take him out for dinner on his birthday, dress girly for a change and not tomboy and tell him how fantastic he is…..

  • Marion

    I would wear this dress out for lunch with my wonderful family on Father’s Day, to celebrate my amazing husband.

  • Amanda Rose

    I have a very important event coming up in celebration of my boyfriend who died suddenly at 39 of a heart attack and I would love to think he is watching me and approving of the dress.

  • Julie

    I’ve got a friend’s wedding this summer, so I would wear the dress to this.

  • beth

    I would wear this beautiful dress to the ladies day at ascot so that i could fit in with fashion royalty and who knows with this fab number i might even grab a prize or if not at least catch a few envious glances

  • Gilly

    Having been laid up in bed for weeks, looking like death warmed up! I would love to wear it to a family wedding we have coming up in July. It would certainly make my day if no one else’s!!!

  • Hazel rush

    If I won I would wear this to a christening next month where I’m going to be godmother!

  • Gary Humphrey

    My girlfriend would wear it on a hot date with me!(hopefully)

  • Kath Amis

    I would wear it to my niece’s wedding in August.

  • Michelle Bosomworth

    My mum and dad are renewing their wedding vowes and this would be the perfect dress

  • katie

    i would wear it to my friends wedding in july and probably prance around at home to make me feel special :)

  • Hayley Fountain

    i would wear it on my birthday x

  • Belynda Dunsmore

    Wow I love this dress, I would wear it to my cousins wedding in a couple of weeks

  • Sue

    I would love to win this dress for my daughter as she would just love it.

  • Katie Bancroft

    I have a leaving do, a summer ball and then my dad’s engagement party – all one night after the next! This dress would be perfect, albeit with a quick wash in between. ;)

  • Suzanne sendell

    great dress

  • Matt Brooks

    my wife has a college reunion next month and this would be great to cheer her up as she has been a bit fed up lately

  • Emma Andersson

    Its my 35th this year which is a funny one, I feel like I should at least attempt to look elegant and grown up, but still a little flirty and fun!

  • Georgie Warsop

    I would just have to wear it to the school gate, just to show the other mums that we can still look glamorous, even if we’ve still got baby sick in our hair!

  • Vicky Fallows

    i would wear it to my cousins wedding next month

  • Jane

    I’d wear it to my sister’s graduation ceremony

  • Allan

    I would give it to my girlfriend for her birthday and take her out for a dinner so she can wear it.

  • Katrina Foley

    i would wear it out to lunch with my girlfriends its gorgeous

  • Heather Vaux

    I’m going on a 4 days trip to Ceaser’s Palace in Las Vegas at the end of the summer to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary…..omg how hot would I feel in this dress? This dress is fit attire for any palace in my view :)

  • Kelly Hooper

    My friend is getting married next year, i would wear it to her wedding :)

  • Yolanda Barker

    I would wear the beautiful dress in my lounge – taking pictures of myself and appreciating the beauty of the dress. I may share a picture on facebook too for my online friends. Maybe encouraging an online party where we all dress up.

  • Dee

    My friend is having a 50th Birthday party next month, this dress would be perfect for that!

  • emma jones

    OHHHH i likey!!!! this would do wonders for my shape at my hubbys police awards in 2 months time!!!

  • http://www.catchingupwiththeclarkes.co.uk Robyn Clarke

    My husband and I are finally going on our honeymoon, 3 years after the wedding and I can think of no better occasion to were such a fabulous dress

  • Beth

    If I won this beautiful dress it would be the best birthday present as it’s my birthday on Friday. My husband is taking me to a surprise restaurant,I would love to feel elegant and classy in this beautiful dress.

  • Sue robinson

    I would wear this dress to my husbands mucho Posho works do :)

  • Rebecca Tomlinson

    I would wear this dress for me and my partners 10th anniversary in August. It is a beautiful dress.

  • Laura P

    To my BF’s 30th Birthday Party! :-)

  • Carolina J.

    I’d wear it to the parties.

  • Jen Boucher

    I’d wear it to my cousins wedding later this year.

  • Jo Boyd

    To be honest, I don’t have an occasion in the diary to wear one to – but I’d soon find one!

  • Tracey Tibbles

    I would waer this to the day at the races me & my friends have planned.

  • Claudia

    I’d wear it to my final Leaver’s Comemmoration Ball to show all the guys, once and for all, that I do not “look like a man”!

  • Nicole S.

    I would wear this dress on my anniversary night out!

  • Dej

    I’d wear this to my friend’s graduation party :)

  • Tania

    I’d wear it to work. I tend to show up as casually dressed as I can but I’ve always been tempted to wear an evening dress in.

  • Sarah Tilley

    I would wear it to my friend’s wedding at the end of July as I still don’t have anything to wear! Eeek

  • Beth W

    My annual dog rescue charity auction and party.

  • collette

    id wear it too the galway races just would have to find the perfect hat to go with it :)

  • tracey rollings

    i would wear it either at my friends wedding at end of the year or as my outfit at my firt ever time of becoming a god mother

  • Cheryl Seddon

    I’d wear this on one of the many hen do’s I am planning for myself. At least if I win it’s one less thing I need to panic about :-)

  • Andrea Williams

    I would wear it on the school run, so that I can tell all those stuck up clique mothers I wear designer ^^

  • Vicky

    I’d possibly change into this after been chief bridesmaid at my sisters wedding in July :-D

  • Leonie Mae

    I would love to wear this dress for my 20th Birthday, later this year. But why plan to wear it only the once? Hell, you wouldn’t catch me out of it!

  • Vicky

    I’d possibly wear this as an evening dress to my sisters reception after been chief bridesmaid at her wedding in July

  • amelia avossa

    id wear it as soon as ive had my baby x

  • Rosie Dharamsi

    I would wear it to the Goodwood Festival of Speed… Looking at ‘new’ cars to replace our dear 10 year old espace, I need to be in a positive frame of mind to get through this rite of passage…

  • maria taylor

    I would book my boyfriend a nice meal and then propose to him, we have been together 6 years and we have talked about getting married but we had a lot of things to do first, but now the time is right

  • Claire

    I am due to meet my partner’s family!! His 2 sons (19 and 22) his parents and sister and her family!! We are supposed to be going for a meal and then to the theatre and I am SOOOOO wanting to make a good impression!!

  • Evelyn-Anne Thomson

    I would wear it every day because every day should be stylish and glamorous. Everyday is a catwalk

  • Linda Abnett

    I would wear this to my daughter’s wedding in November. It’s great!

  • Elaine

    I don’t have any events planned that I could wear this to…..but if I was lucky enough to win, it wouldn’t take me 5 mins to chew my man’s ear off (not literally of course)and persuade him to arrange something!! lol ;) x

  • Kathryn B

    I would wear the dress to a good friends wedding in Scotland in August

  • Marium Shalabi

    Wooooooooooow !!! What a beautiful dress :) Well, my brother’s wedding is coming up in October. So that would be the perfect occasion to wear such an elegant dress, especially that the wedding is going to be in Egypt so it will be a great opportunity to show off the great taste we have here in Ireland :)

  • michelle

    i would wear this on our first get away since having the children six years ago.

  • Amy

    I would wear this dress to my graduation ball later this month. Feel so proud of myself to have achieved a degree & I think looking fab in this dress would top it off nicely!!

  • Suzie Fair

    I have recently lost 35lbs (baby weight plus extra!) I would wear one of these beautiful dresses on a celebratory evening out with my husband. I think that these gorgeous dresses would really compliment my new shape and newly found confidence! x

  • Carolyn Coverley-Webb

    This would just be perfect for my 60th birthday on the 23rd June, wow it would make my day

  • Sarah

    I’d wear it to my 40th birthday in Oct n be fabulous + 40 :0)

  • Kim Allen

    Thats so pretty, I’d be tempted to put it on my wardrobe and have it as my incentive to slim into a size it will look good in for the rounds of Christmas parties but I have a sneaking suspicion that if my Niece found out I’d won this I would get the “favourite Auntie” treatment and would end up giving it to her as it’s not too much longer now till it’s her 18th …. and everyone deserves a really nice dress for their 18th dont they :-)

  • bonnie

    I would wear this fabulous dress everywhere as im sure it would make me feel very special, its first trip will be to lisbon to show them us british ladies have style x

  • Sylvia Wright

    I’ve already lost over a stone but aiming to lose 2 more. I would wear this dress to go somewhere nice to celebrate when I finally reach my target weight

  • Ellie

    I’d wear this dress everywhere I could – from dinners to parties, it would certainly be having a ball x

  • Juliet Storm

    I would wear this on frocking Fridays and share the picture with all the girls in our club. xx

  • Ish

    I’d wear it for a sexy dinner date in Italy!

  • Louise Marrin

    I’m getting married in March and need a fabulous dress for the evening do to persuade me to remove my wedding dress. This is gorgeous, elegant and perfect – i would be proud to wear it!!

  • Karen Knowles

    I would wear it at the Captains Gala reception onboard my next cruise in August!

  • Diana

    I loooooove the dress :) If I had the chance to win , I’d wear it in my bestfriend’s wedding next month :)

  • Madeline S.

    I would wear it to my best friend’s wedding on the 17th of July. We’ve known each other for ALL our lives.I love her so much :)

  • Lindsay

    Beautiful dress, I would wear it to my best friends wedding in a couple of weeks time, I had been hunting for the perfect dress and this might just be it!

  • julie clifton

    I would wear this flattering dress to compare a fashion show in the Autumn, which I am presenting to raise funds for our local Age Concern.

  • carolyn

    What a lovely dress, ideal for my birthday next week.

  • julie clifton

    I would wear this flattering dress to compare a fashion show, which I am presenting for our local Age Concern this Autumn.

  • Sara Templeton

    Gorgeous dress. I would wear it when I go to the theatre to see a show when I go to London in July

  • natalie white

    Gorgeous dress!!!If I won it then that would be my outfit sorted for my baby nephew’s christening that is coming up soon.Not normally a big fan of dresses as I don’t think I have the legs for one but I definitely wouldn’t think twice about wearing this dress!! <3

  • lorna

    What a lovely dress, would wear it at my sisters wedding in August, and just hope I do not upstage the bride ha ha

  • Kate

    If I won this dress, all my problems would be solved. I’ve got the invite to the ball (ie: the college formal), I’ve got my prince charming (ie: my boyfriend) but alas, I’ve no dress….

  • Fiona farrell

    I would wear it to my hen night on the second of July or the day after my wedding at the end of july

  • Ann, West London, ENGLAND.

    I would say that this desirable dress could well be worn @ Epsom races. It could be co-ordinated with & a large hat & shoes the same colour as the belt. Also a small clutch bag.

  • Audrey

    Its my 60th Birthday in October and it would be great I want to feel and look fantastic. Have booked an appointment with your personnal shopper for the 15th August to try to find a dress so this would be ideal

  • Maryne Ann James

    to my prom :) …its perfect!!

  • Karen Shaw

    Races, husbands 40th birthday party lots of places could wear this dress-gorgeous

  • Stephanie Pinder

    Ooh that is so pretty, I would wear it to my first anniversary in October, its got to be something as special as that to measure up to my wedding dress!

  • Kaz Newton

    It’s beautiful!!I would wear this on an evening out with my hubby!! That will shock him! Normally turn up in jeans he’s always saying wear a dress!!

  • Emily

    This is beautiful… because I’ve done a lot of work in the community with a local group, I’ve been invited to attend the local university’s graduation ceremony, amongst the ‘local dignitaries’ even though I’m just an average Joe! I’d DEFINITELY wear this dress to that!

  • jude

    To be honest I’m not a dress person, in fact the last dress I wore was my wedding dress 31 years ago. I’ve not really seen anything that I thought I might like, until now xx
    My youngest son is getting married so thats where I would wear this lovely dress. xx

  • Nicola P

    I’d wear the dress to my university’s summer ball!

  • Jason Northern

    I would give it to my OH to take her out for a date after she’s had our baby :)

  • http://facebook Joanne

    i would wear this to my 30th birthday and cancer charity event.

  • Rebecca

    I’d wear this dress to my wonderful new nephew’s Baptism. My Mother will be the priest.

  • Amanda dixon

    I would love this dress please enter me

  • Lisa W

    Friends 40th next month, will look fabbo on Brighton Pier and on the carousel, just have to mind that candy floss !

  • Nickie Chapman

    Everywhere, dahling. You never know…

  • Emma Boitoult

    I would take it when I go to the South of France next month so if we go to a nice restaurant I can look the part too, next to all the posh’uns :)

  • Brandy

    What a fantastic dress! I would wear it to my Grans’s 90 birthday soiree.

  • Natasha chapman

    I would wear this dress to my sons army passing out parade at our purbright he has just completed 4 months of training and will soon be posted to Afghanistan on the frontline x

  • Tracey Ryder

    would wear it to a wedding im going to

  • Shy Raiytt

    I would wear this beautiful dress on a night out celebrating my new job! yay! x

  • S Bull

    It would be absolutely perfect for the party my husband has organised for our 10th Wedding Anniversary in September, my rugby playing, fire fighting caveman seems to have found a romantic bone in his body (where it’s been hiding for the last 10 years is anyone’s guess!) and I am in desperate need of the perfect dress to do him proud on the night. This dress is classic, elegant and not too over the top and would look stunning with a pair of show stopping shoes :) x

  • sarah williams

    On my holiday!!

  • Samama Reza

    If i get this dress I’ll not wear this at only one place, My dad’s B-day is Coming & i’ll love to wear that. My dad will be very happy to c that & i want my dad to be very happy in him B-day! :D

  • Amanda marman

    Wow! I would love to wear this dress to my 40th birthday party this July – size 12 would be lovely thanks :-)

  • Gill

    I would wear this dress to my God-daughter’s Christening, and to show off my new slimmer figure! ;)

  • Maggie Davis

    I would wear this on 22 July for my birthday and going to York Races the same day – beautiful dress

  • sagar

    Ideal for any event where one wants to look gorgeous. Birthday/ any party. Lovely dress

  • http://www.london-unattached.com Fiona Maclean

    I’d wear this lovely dress as much as possible! Perfect for a night at the opera, or romantic dinner for 2;)

  • Lisa

    I recently had my heartbroken :’(
    So I’d love to wear this dress on a first date with a new ( and preferably improved ) handsome man – and show the ex what he’s missing to-boot :-)

  • SuzyG

    As a new mum this dress would make me feel and hopefully look great at my friends wedding.

  • cathy james

    i would give this to my daughter for her sports award ceremony

  • Karen Wright

    I don’t have an occasion to wear it too at the moment, so I’d put on the dress and my heels and dance around the house in front of my mirrors with a glass of wine pretending!!!

  • Moira

    It’s my 10th Wedding anniversary this year, I would wear it out for a meal to celebrate in style

  • karen turton

    i would wear this lovely dress to impress my date

  • karoline latchman

    I would wear this to my friend’s 40th and I have the perfect shoes to match the belt/tie in the middle. It would be great

  • colette donelly

    every girl needs a nice dress to make them feel good and i would love that dress!!!!!

  • agnes robson

    I would wear this dress to an evening out with my husband its beautiful.

  • Julie Davies

    I would wear this dress to a very posh BBQ my friend is hosting. It is all going to be gorgeous clothes, wine/champagne & of course burgers!

  • Elizabeth Davies

    If I won this amazing dress I would wear it to my sister-in-laws party for the opening of her new business.

  • sylvia foster

    Perfect for my Daughters Wedding next year would feel honoured to wear such a dress then just need the personal shopper at Debenhams to help me with shoes and other bits and bobs

  • Pauline

    I have just started a new job after being made redundant – and this would give me such a boost ;-)

  • Andrea

    I’d be wearing this dress lots!

  • Janice

    I’m a huge fan of the 60′s group The Searchers and go to as many gigs as possible.I would love to wear this to one of their shows

  • Natalie downey

    I would wear this dress to my graduation. I need a stylish dress which will go with gold and that seems to perfectly! A great dress to mark a momentous day!

  • Jacqueline Bowden

    I would love own RI Roksanda Ilincic dress to make me feel attractive and feminine again.
    My husband left me 9 months ago for another woman. I have my first proper date in July with my childhood sweetheart who is coming from Florida. The designer dress would flatter my curves and help give me confidence I lack. After all clothes maketh the women.

  • Jane McIntosh

    I wouldn’t keep it hidden away in a wardrobe just to be worn every now and then! Something so beautiful should be worn at any excuse! Grocery shopping here I come… may get some funny looks which might be enough to make my husband take me somewhere more appropriate to show it off. :)

  • Lynne Slatter

    I would love to ear this to the evening reception of my brother’s wedding in September

  • Emma Glass

    I have so many weddings coming up and love Roksanda Illinic’s designs

  • Martin Glass

    I’d give this to my wife to wear on our anniversary

  • Dorothee

    I would wear it for a nice dinner out with my boyfriend

  • Lisa Chalmers

    I’d wear it to WOW my boyfriend! X

  • denise jennians

    It’s my birthday on 24th June and also my partners, so I would wear it on our special occasion, our special day made even more unique

  • shannon thompson

    i would wear this out for my anniversary


  • Sallie

    I would LOVE to wear this beautiful dress to my husband’s birthday party. It is so stunning. I am looking forward to the rest of the collection arriving in store soon.